YouTube is Soon to lose its Content Creators Due to New Alternatives

There used to be a time when the world was used to communicating with others through their voice. This is the reason why the world was introduced to one of the most astonishing creations in the form of Radio. Radio was not visual but delivered the voice of a speaker to the entire world.

That is when the world was introduced to television and the world shifted from radio to video communications. However, the video communication was just limited to corporations and companies that could afford to air their shows.

In the early 21st century, the world was introduced to the internet utility. Then the world was introduced to YouTube back in 2005, which became the largest online video streaming platform.

YouTube not only gave people the opportunity to make and share different videos, but it also gave them the opportunity to launch their own channels. As a result, many people got to launch their channels, which they filled with different content.

Some people went ahead and launched their music channels, some launched pranks channels, some launched gaming channels, and so much more.

Since then, video communications have become one of the most adopted mediums of content creators communicating/interacting with their subscribers. Just recently, research was conducted around the average watch time demonstrated by YouTube users.

The research shows that on average, the users tend to watch more than 10 hours of videos per week. During the pandemic, the watch time has even increased and is constantly increasing with time.

However, there is one major drawback and a disadvantage that the content creators are faced with. That is the harsh and strict terms/conditions imposed by the tech giants and platforms that the content creators use to share their content.

At present, some of the major platforms to create and share content are YouTube, Facebook, TikTok. Although these are three different platforms, they have one thing in common, which is that they are governed by central bodies.

Although the content creators have reported that they make decent money through the platforms, yet these platforms are constantly cutting down on the money that creators used to generate in the past.

This has made the content creators concerned and discontent about the policing of the platforms. This is where a platform has come up with aims to shake everything up for the centralized platforms. The platform is reportedly decentralized in nature and would let the content creators take all the money they generate through the videos.

The name of the platform is Pocketnet blockchain that would all the content creators to share their content and generate high revenues. When it comes to making policies, it would be the decision of the users to go ahead and decide the content around policies.

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