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Why A Non-Existent Ethereum Address Was Blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury?

Why A Non-Existent Ethereum Address Was Blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury?

Many political and economic analysts think that the United States needs to stop blaming Russia for the alleged 2016 elections rigging. They state that the American administration and opposing political parties need to focus on the development and advancement of technology.

While the entire world is in the process of passing laws to adopt the cryptocurrency-blockchain industry, the United States seems reluctant. The reason behind their reluctance is that the Americans believe that the Russian hackers used the crypto-blockchain platform to execute their plan.

A few days back, the U.S. Treasury updated their list of Specially Designated Nationals List. From the list of recent additions, the U.S. Treasury has added several individuals who are linked with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Furthermore, a few addresses belonging to different cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms have also been added.

One of the most interesting individuals added to the list is a Russian National ArtemLifshits. As per the American agencies, ArtemLiftshits was involved in one of the projects run by a Russia-based program known as Lakhta.

The purpose of the project was to collect personal data of the American citizens in order to open PayPal accounts, PayPal Accounts, and Cryptocurrency Accounts in order to keep the project. The American agencies informed that during their investigations, they found more data against Artem.

The data collected by the U.S. investigation suggests that Artem’s involvement in the Lakhta program was more than just company/personal funding. His main responsibility was to run a team whose job was to create social, racial, ideological differences among the U.S. public.

As per the agencies, the team working on this used social interaction platforms to execute their plans.

Furthermore, among the blacklisted cryptocurrency addresses, there is one particular address that belongs to the Ethereumblockchain. As per the U.S. treasury, this address belongs to ArtemLifshits that he uses to control the funding for the Lakhta program.

However, the Ethereum officials have stated that the ETH address added by the U.S. treasure does not even exist. The U.S. treasury later confirmed that there was some confusion around the ETH address, which has now been fixed.


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