Wex Crypto Exchange’s Former Chief has Reportedly Been Arrested

BBC Russia has recently gone ahead and shares a report in regard to the whereabouts of Dmitry Vasiliev. In the report, it has been revealed that Dmitry Vasiliev is the former chief of Wex. Wex is prominently known as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia.

BBC Russia has confirmed that Vasiliev has been arrested outside of Russia. The sources revealed that it was in Warsaw, Poland, where Vasiliev was arrested by the local authorities.

Wex cryptocurrency exchange was launched with the name “BTC-e” when it was first launched in the industry. At the time of its launch, BTC-e was known mainly as being a “dark” exchange throughout the cryptocurrency space.

The exchange has been alleged of transacting several transactions inside and outside of the country. This means that the exchange was used mainly to carry out money laundering, and provided safe haven to such actors.

According to authorities, the exchange was used by hackers and other scammers to move funds here and there in the past. The exchange also made it to the top of the crypto news when it was alleged for facilitating the hackers from the Mt. Gox incident. It is considered one of the most notorious incidents in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

In the report, BBC Russia revealed that Vasiliev was considered an innocent person in the eyes of the Polish jurisdiction. Whereas, countries such as Kazakhstan had a completely different opinion about him. This is because the government of Kazakhstan had failed a case against him for fraud.

In Kazakhstan, Vasiliev has been announced as an elusive figure. The government of Kazakhstan also revealed that their authorities were already in touch with Vasiliev. They revealed that there were high chances that Vasiliev was going to go for extradition.

The report confirms that it was on the 11th of August when the authorities in Poland confirmed that they had detained Vasiliev. However, initially, it was not confirmed and many thought that it was not a strong piece of information against Vasiliev.

This is when Wyborcza, a newspaper agency from Vasiliev confirmed the report on September 17, 2021. Now, it has been confirmed that Vasiliev has been arrested by the Polish authorities for the crimes committed while he was the chief at Wex exchange.

At BTC-e, Vasiliev facilitated the investors from China to trade and he did this being an employee for the exchange. After operating as a facilitator for international investors for money laundering, the exchange was shut down in 2017.

Although the exchange shut down, its involvement and Vasiliev’s role in facilitating the money laundering activities were under investigation. According to authorities, throughout his role as the chief at BTC-e, he facilitated money laundering that was worth over $4 billion.