Walmart Looks for Crypto Lead within US

Walmart is possibly one of the biggest retail outlets in the US, with its immense selection of products. However, with them noticing where the wind is blowing, Walmart is looking to put its foot in the door of the crypto market. And while rumors have been flying around for some time, no one knew if they were going to actually create their own digital currency.

They have recently been looking for a cryptocurrency product and digital currency product lead. Their hired lead will be helping the company establish a strategy for the digital currency along with a product roadmap. The new hire will have their hands full with their new job as they will be responsible for the product roadmap. The company also mentioned that the individual will also be working on identifying customer and technological trends. The new product manager must also have the skills to identify the necessary expenditure to capitalize on new trends.

One glance at the job description, Walmart is really looking for someone who can take on a lot of responsibility and can deliver a sound product. Their chose manager will be leading their digital currency strategy while collaborating with design experts, the technology, and the product.

The job posting is one that does come after its rival Amazon was also looking to create their own cryptocurrency. Amazon also posted a job listing with similar requirements as Walmart, and mostly the same goals. Despite being a few months too late when trying to look for its product lead, Walmart is still optimistic.

Overall, it is easy to see the possibility that customers will soon be able to use crypto to make transactions. This is following a trend that most major companies are following, which includes implementing crypto into their framework.

The most recent example of this was with PayPal, which recently allowed Venmo users to trade in Cryptocurrencies as well. More specifically customers will be able to buy, sell, and hold their preferred crypto in one place. Recently it also made the choice to expand its efforts of integrating crypto into its system.

The cryptocurrency that Walmart will be working on will have a very specific purpose in mind. Many experts are speculating that the cryptocurrency from the retail giant will mainly be there for people to make payments through. Since the oversaturated nature of the crypto market makes competition fierce, it can be helpful for customers to convert their crypto and make purchases through them. They might even allow other cryptocurrencies.

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