UK’s Nigel Farage Labels Bitcoin as the Ultimate ‘Anti-Lockdown’ Investment

UK’s Nigel Farage Labels Bitcoin as the Ultimate ‘Anti-Lockdown’ Investment

As Bitcoin continues to grow during this year’s rally, a number of prominent names from different industries are jumping on the crypto bandwagon and have put their support behind the asset. Nigel Farage is the latest individual to join this list, who is a prominent British political commentator and also the leader of the Reform U.K. Party. For years, his criticism of the government and his acceptance of libertarian views has ruffled a lot of feathers. He recently discussed some crypto-related things with Southbank Investment Research’s head, Sam Volkering. Farage stated how money had been carelessly handled by the government and said that notes had been printed by the Bank of England at ‘warp speed’ since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

He added that the ‘funny money’ approach that the government was taking for achieving stability was simply killing the economy. Farge is also a former commodity trader and he referred to Bitcoin as the ultimate ‘anti-lockdown’ investment. He also said that the current state of the British economy makes it essential for people to understand the concept of cryptocurrencies because they are around to stay. Now, Volkering and Farage are focused on education. Their video was defined as the first in a series of learning material for educating viewers on crypto storage and usage. 

As far as Southbank and Volkering are concerned, they are also crypto bulls. They have helped in publishing books, such as ‘Exponential Investor Premium’, ‘Crypto Profits Extreme’ and ‘Short the World’. They are also providing their assistance to Farage for publishing an investor newsletter called ‘Fortune & Freedom’. The newsletters are used by Farage for motivating readers to jump on the crypto bandwagon and he said that it was necessary for them to take their future into their hands, after the long-awaited Brexit. It appears that Farage is on the roll and doesn’t plan on stopping. 

He is correct in asserting that printing money excessively during this pandemic will definitely have a lot of repercussions moving forward. Even though the motives of the British government are definitely understandable, the fact is that a currency devaluation is definitely a possibility if they will continue to pump money into the economy. It appears that Farage is the latest divisive politician who has decided to support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Last month, a former Australian politician, Cory Bernardi also endorsed the leading cryptocurrency as the ideal way for avoiding a potential mortgage crisis in the nation. 

Bernardi had been a senator from 2006 till 2020 and in this time, he was given the nickname of the ‘Aussie Donald Trump’. After the 2020 US elections, he wrote an article where he talked about the increasing mortgage rates. In a conversation on Twitter, a user had highlighted that the mortgage problem could be fixed with the help of Bitcoin. The Australian politician said that he had also taken up Bitcoin and he regarded it as the gold for millennials. He added that the risks with Bitcoin were the same as with other asset classes. 

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