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Ukraine is going for Wider Adoption of Crypto-Blockchain Technology

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When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you will find Ukraine to be one of the most cooperative countries. Ever since the fourth quarter of 2020, Ukraine is in the cryptocurrency news where it is making constant developments in the particular sector.

The country is not only adopting cryptocurrencies but is also excelling in other sectors involving cryptocurrencies. In the first half of 2021, Ukraine made several developments and progresses for the adoption of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining.

On several occasions, Ukraine has announced that it will welcome cryptocurrency firms wanting to establish and operate mining farms. Since then, several companies have opened up their cryptocurrency mining farms in the country. The country’s climate makes it extremely favorable for the mining sector.

Just when it was expected that Ukraine would stick to such services, the country has demonstrated that it is ready to explore more into the crypto-blockchain sector.

Just recently, reports have started coming in claiming that the National Bank of Ukraine is looking for a blockchain developer. The reports suggest that it is the chief monetary authority in Ukraine that is aiming to onboard a blockchain developer.

According to reports, the National Bank of Ukraine is using LinkedIn, the professional social network, in order to find the right person for the role. The bank has issued a job posting through the platform and it is aiming to bring the person on board as soon as possible.

In the job posting, the Bank of Ukraine has revealed that it is looking for someone who has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the development of blockchains. This suggests that Ukraine wants to hire a person who is able to create blockchains and manage them. According to information, it was Vladimir Nagornyuk, the IT department head at the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), who posted the ad for a new post.

In the posting, the bank has classified the posting under the infrastructure services’ development, implementation, and modification section. In the requirements, the bank has demanded that the applicant must be competent in the Hyperledger and smart contracts related space. This is on top of the basic and primary requirement from the candidates that involves applicants having experience in blockchain development.

It has been revealed that with the addition of a particular resource, the National Bank of Ukraine is aiming to achieve its major goal in the adoption of digital services.

The National Bank of Ukraine is aiming to explore the central bank digital currency (CBDC) sector. This is the reason why it is aiming to onboard someone that has knowledge in the blockchain sector. With the help and support of the blockchain development expert, the NBU is aiming to launch its e-hryvnia project.