Twitter’s CEO Takes The Comment-War to Coinbase’s CEO

Twitter’s CEO Takes The Comment-War to Coinbase’s CEO

Jack Dorsey who, CEO of the world-renowned social media platform, Twitter, has taken the comment war to Coinbase’s CEO.

For the past several week’s twitter has been heavily criticized for being unable to stop crypto scammers to use its platform. This led many well-known figures from the crypto world to pass unfavorable remarks and comments against twitter and its founders.

Several Ponzi schemes were reportedly being promoted through twitter by crypto scammers in the recent times. One such heavily promoted scheme was “Bitcoin trading/mining”. Adam Back, co-founder of Blockstream, tweeted that even though complaints were received by twitter yet no steps have been taken.

However, it looks now that twitter has decided to respond to the comments by participating in a comment-war.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, recently issued an open letter on last Sunday. In the letter, the CEO stated that the exchange has no affiliation with the politics. It does not appreciate if any of its employees take part in political debate. Engaging in societal issues in a broader spectrum is not the policy of the exchange, the letter suggested. Brain also stated that everybody has an opinion but an exchange will not allow it to be used as a platform for political drive.

Later on the letter’s contents were converted into an Office Memo which was circulated amongst employees of Coinbase. The employees were also told that if they do not agree with the policy then they are free to leave.

However, the contents of the Coinbase’s CEO were not appreciated by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. Jack criticized Brian and twitted that Coinbase is trying to bar people to share their political views. Jack showed his discontent and said that Brian’s response to the exchange’s corporate activism is damaging for Coinbase.

The comments did not stop at there and Doresy also made another comment about the exchange’s new policy. He said that being a crypto exchange, Coinbase by all means and purposes is a political activist. There is no point in hiding behind the façade of being a “crypto-exchange”, he commented in his tweet.

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