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The New Lower-End Phones from Samsung are integrated with File-Sharing Blockchain Technology

As per the latest reports, Samsung has made an announcement that will prove to be promising for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Samsung has revealed that the new phones it will introduce will have the blockchain file-sharing technology integrated into them. The tech giant has confirmed that blockchain technology has been integrated into the low-end flagship phones it has launched since the beginning of the year 2021.

The company has also confirmed the names and models of the smartphones that will have blockchain technology integrated into them. The names of the smartphones include Galaxy A72, A525G, and Galaxy A52. Additionally, some portion of the lower series models from the Samsung Galaxy “A” flagship.

Samsung has confirmed that all of the above models will have the Quick Share feature integrated into them that is based on blockchain technology. With the help of this feature, the users are able to share videos or photos with galaxy devices that are nearby.

On top of that, the Quick Share feature also offers a Private Share function that offers users the blockchain technology that they can use to transfer data among each other’s devices.

According to the reports from ZDNet, the prices for the new devices integrated with blockchain technology have also been hinted at. Samsung has revealed that the prices for the blockchain supporting devices from the tech giant would range between $415 and $535.

Although Samsung has confirmed that the blockchain-based feature is integrated into the new phones, the company is yet to confirm if these devices will have the Samsung Blockchain crypto-wallet added to them or not.

Samsung also provided a description of the Samsung Blockchain through its website. The firm claimed that through the Samsung blockchain, all data is saved by the users is kept encrypted, which is protected by a private key.

It is only the users that have access to the private keys so there are zero chances of the data being compromised and then accessed by third-parties.

It has been confirmed that the Private Share functionality has been featured in the latest Galaxy S21 flagships. The functionality is very unique and useful for users who are sending their personal data over to others.

Through the Private Share feature, the users have the ability to set a timer giving a date and time when the date will be deleted from the recipient’s phone.

The Private Share feature also places restrictions over the recipient’s phone so they cannot re-share the date with someone else. On top of that, the feature also disables the screen capturing feature for the receiver’s smartphone so they cannot take a screenshot as well.

Samsung has confirmed that in order to develop the feature, it has adopted encryption technology that is based on blockchain networking.

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