The Five Features That Have Made Pibexa a Great Broker in Recent Times

Have you been spending time researching online brokers like I did in the past? I can tell you that it is going to take you a lot of time before you can finally call a broker the right broker. I had to spend three months before I could find a broker that I knew was going to be the perfect partner in my trading journey. Today, I feel obliged to tell you about this broker and the five features that I think are the unique selling points of this broker. Once you have read about these points, you can make your decision based on your understanding.

The Five Differentiating Features of Pibexa for Me

1.      The 24/7 Support for Traders

There are many ways for you to know whether a broker cares about its traders or not. You can tell that from a variety of factors, and the customer support service is one of them. Do you know that most online brokers provide you with customer support during weekdays only? In addition to that, I can tell you from my personal research that most of these brokers are delivering customer support only during the working hours. What if you run into a problem after the working hours? Well, you will not have anyone to help you at all. That’s where Pibexa excels.

This broker has promised to provide you with customer support around the clock. Whether you are thinking about sending an email to the broker or talking to someone on the phone about your issue, you will always have someone ready to help you.

2.      A Trading Platform for Modern Traders

The trading platform that you will get from Pibexa is something that you won’t get elsewhere. I can tell you that there a lot of brokers that provide you with a downloadable trading platform. You get one from this broker as well. However, this particular trading platform is currently available on Play Store only. Does this mean that you will not be able to use it on your Windows, MAC, and iOS devices? Not at all! The broker has provided you with a solution that takes care of all of the problems that you can face when you are picking a trading platform.

So, you will get Pibexa’s web based trading platform. This platform is there for you on your computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. You don’t have to worry about the trading platform regardless of the operating system you have on your device. The trading platform that you will use in the web will run on all your devices and all the operating systems that you can think of.

3.      Great Trading Tools

You must never be under the impression that you can start trading today without any prior knowledge of trading. Of course, the first step that you have to take is to get proper education on trading from the broker. The good news is that you will get all the information that you need about trading right on the website of the broker. However, you will get access to that useful material once you have signed up with the broker and funded your account already. Once you have learned trading, you will be using many different analytical and market tools to help you with successful trades.

That’s where I can tell you that you will not feel left out. The broker you are signing up with is providing you with the best tools to help you with your trades. You can keep a watch on the latest market news and know the latest trends that will tell you which assets are going up and which ones are coming down.

4.      Proper Moral Trading

I can tell you with guaranty that not all online brokers will provide you with the moral and ethical trading that you want. What is the importance of moral trading? Well, when you know your broker is a moral broker, you can be sure that it will not do anything wrong with you. Any immoral broker on the internet will allow unknown and illegal entities to sign up on its trading platform. Why? Because there are many money launderers who put their funds in the accounts of these brokers to hide this money from their governments and law enforcement agencies.

In other words, these brokers are not providing you with a platform for trading. Instead, they are providing these illegal entities with a platform where they can hide their black money for as long as they want. You will be glad to know that Pibexa has proper anti-money laundering and KYC policies in place to ensure that only legal activities take place on its trading platform.

5.      Welcome Bonus

You will get a welcome bonus when you sign up with this broker. I love the welcome bonus because it gives new traders to be a part of online trading. I have seen many other industries on the internet providing their customers with a lot of perks and incentives. Unluckily, there are online brokers that don’t even bother thinking about this particular factor. They do not provide their traders with anything that these traders can benefit from right from day one. However, I know Pibexa has gone the extra mile to provide its traders with a welcome bonus when you sign up with it.

So, when you sign up with the broker, you get this bonus, which you can use when you are trading on the trading platform. You can increase your profits through this bonus and make a lot of money if you are successful with your trades.

Final Thoughts

I can count some more reasons that should convince you to sign up with this broker. However, I believe that these are the most important points and if a trader is thinking about signing up with a broker, these points should be enough to convince him/her. You can always know more about the broker by visiting its website or calling the customer support and knowing more about its services. I can tell you with surety that you will be hard pressed to find another broker like Pibexa.

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