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Super1Investments Review

Super1Investments logoPart of a retail trader’s job is to select a proper brokerage to work with, and that is a decision that might have significant implications on the overall trading performance. Education and one’s ability to develop winning methods matter, but a good brokerage can also provide useful tools and resources, as well as tight trading costs and accurate trade execution.

Super1Investments is one of the brands currently providing access to CFD trading and since its offer includes more than 1,000 instruments, including crypto, this review will bring it, as one of the most prominent growing brokerages out there today, to the public’s attention.

Trading Platforms

The first topic that needs to be discussed deals with the trading software currently available with Super1Investments. There are three solutions available, one web-based, the second mobile, and the third the MT4, one of the popular platforms in the market developed by MetaQuotes.

Super1Investments trading platform

With a diversity of solutions available, traders can access their Super1Investments trading accounts on any type of device, enjoying a wide range of trading tools, useful when conducting technical or fundamental analysis.

For cryptocurrency trading in particular, each platform comes with advanced technologies and strong security. Traders can enjoy efficient trading thanks to the work done by the broker.


At the time of writing, Super1Investments boasts multi-asset coverage, including some of the most popular asset classes in the world. On its list of assets, one can find currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities, allowing ample diversification capabilities. Traders with different risk profiles will find this feature useful, as they can choose freely which the best assets to trade are, individually for them.

Super1Investments did not stop at traditional assets and that is important to know, now that cryptocurrencies benefit from enhanced popularity. Its crypto offering includes tokens like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Digital Yuan, and Cardano. Traders can buy or sell these instruments using up to 1:5 leverage, tight trading costs, and accurate execution.


For those who want to open an account with Super1Investments, there is a selection of 5 live accounts available. You can always try the demo account and test the services without any capital at risk.

Super1Investments extensive education

Regardless of choice, one of the most important benefits associated with this broker has to do with the wide range of educational resources available on the website. With video courses, eBooks, webinars, financial news, market analysis, and daily analysis videos, traders can gain more insights and back their own analysis up with what experts believe about the markets.


The past several weeks have been volatile in the cryptocurrency space and that creates proper conditions to work with brands like Super1Investments. This is a company covering popular cryptos and, at the same time, providing efficient trading services for its growing customer base.

Traders who decide to open an account will be rewarded with numerous features and can advance on their trading career path with a reliable brand at their back. Super1Investments equals a high level of flexibility, thanks to the services that can meet a wide range of demands.