SKT Launches a Certification Application Powered by Blockchain Technology

SK Telecom (SKT) has recently made announced that it promising for all the consumers of the company. One of the largest mobile carriers in South Korea has made an announcement for the authentication certificates and blockchain-powered ID service.

Part of the SK Business conglomerate, SK Telecom is one of the two largest mobile carriers as well as internet service providers in South Korea.

SK Telecom’s application known as “Initial” will be interoperable with the electronic document wallet service of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration.

Being one of the most tech-savvy countries, South Korea has always been keen to adopt and introduce the latest technologies and developments. Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea is eager to expedite the process of rolling out contract-free and paper-digital alternatives to processes that require authentications.

It is also involved in backing up a wide range of companies that want to explore and introduce decentralized ID (DID) technology.

Coming back to SK Telecom, the mobile carrier currently has more than 25 million customers using its services. From the 25 million customers, almost 2.5 million customers have already subscribed to the 5G service.

SK Telecom’s development team has revealed that the “Initial” application will be loaded with many benefits. With the help of the application, the users will be able to store, submit, and issue wide ranges of certifications through their smartphones.

The process of allocating certifications will be carried out by using the DID and blockchain technology. With the help of these technologies, the prevention of tampering and forgery will be ensured through excellent security.

The firm has also revealed how many types of certifications will be compatible through the Initial application. The application will facilitate the issuance of social security cards, single-parent family certification, business registration, immigration documents, and medical certificates.

Once deployed, the application will allow users to proceed with the issuance process for any certifications or documents that are permitted through the smartphones.

Recently, it was confirmed by the officials of SK Telecom that they have been working on this project for a couple of years. During the development process, they were constantly in touch with the government officials for their guidance and support. The company has also been closely working with the blockchain networks to ensure that no issues are faced when working on the blockchain networks.

It was back in 2019 when SKT had announced the launch of the enterprise blockchain platform. The company managed to do it with the help of the consortium partners. Since then, the company has been reportedly working with commercial banks, commercial banks, and government tech agencies for DID-related developments.

In addition to the above companies, SKT has also been working with other carriers from South Korea on development projects.

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