Privacy Mining Program Launched by Suter Shield on Binance Smart Chain

As per the latest report, Suterusu is in the process of launching a privacy program through the Binance Smart Chain. This information was revealed by Suterusu’s chief technology officer (CTO), Huang Lin. It has been reported that Lin revealed the information at the Hub event that was held on March 16, 2021.

The Hub event on March 16, 2021, was organized and hosted by Cointelegraph China.

Lin informed that the new mining program would be the first-ever layer-two program that will be launched through the Binance Smart Chain.

While talking about the company, Lin stated that Suterusu is a platform that is based on blockchain-agnostic and offers users a platform that strives to provide preservation of privacy.

He stated that some of the major features offered by the platform include the constant proof size and set-up-free ZK-conSNARK. The platform setup works on the incentive compatibility in a basic and game theory model. The mechanism that the Suterusu platform follows is the proof-of-stake consensus protocol one.

Lin informed Cointelegraph China that he himself is responsible for the development and launch of the technical solution protocol on the Suterusu platform. He also stated that throughout the project, he was accompanied by cryptography experts and researchers from different institutes.

He confirmed that the cryptography experts that supported him in the project were from Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. While the researchers were from the National Academy of Sciences from France.

Lin educated Cointelegraph China that their project brings the same level of privacy that is currently practiced with Zcash to any blockchain application or platform.

When a platform adopts Suterusu’s program, it integrates the ZK-SNARK’s trustless scheme that is considered top-notch and state of the art. The integration further offers constant verification, efficient proof generation, and size proofs.

On top of the primary services, a Suter Virtual Machine (SuterVM) has also been introduced by the Suterusu platform. The Suter Virtual Machine has been introduced to support blockchains with smart contracts such as Ethereum.

Lin also stated that for any program being introduced in decentralized ecosystems, the most challenging and complex aspect is privacy. However, Lin has claimed that he has full confidence in the services and the platform that Suterusu will offer the users and developers in the coming years.

The main reason for the token ecosystem to be introduced by Suterusu is that it aims to bring top-notch and highly reliable features and products to the ecosystems offered by blockchain networks.

Firstly, for its proof-of-stake (PoS) network, Suterusu promises long-term security measurements. On the second, it keeps multiple players in the ecosystem provided with effective and numerous incentives. Apart from the security and incentive features, the platform will also provide node assets’ sufficient liquidity.

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