Patreon May Move to Adopting Cryptocurrency Technology

As per the latest reports, the executives at Patreon have made an announcement in regards to showing interest in cryptocurrencies. This is not the first time the executives have talked about looking into the cryptocurrency industry.

This time again, the executives at Patreon have teased their users about their consideration of the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Patreon has hinted that it will be expanding its business and will be exploring the crypto-verse.

Just recently, the Patreon executives talked about the adoption of cryptocurrencies during a summit. The name of the particular summit was “2021 Creator Economy Summit”. The particular summit was going to be held and hosted by The Information panel.

In the summit, Jack Conte, the chief executive officer at Patreon made his appearance. He was accompanied by Julian Gutman, the chief product officer at Patreon.

During the summit, Conte talked about the benefits that creators would be able to avail themselves of through cryptocurrency technology. He stated that the creators would be able to own their own as well as their media.

He stated that he is all in for the idea of individual creators having full control and authority over their creations. This way, the institutions, and major companies will no longer have authority over creators’ content.

Conte did reveal that for now, they do not have a team dedicated to exploring the cryptocurrency sector and running research on it. However, they are considering hiring and putting together a team that will have knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry.

For now, they are just going for small-time research in the particular sector. In the future, the followers of Patreon may be made aware of the company’s expansion in the cryptocurrency sector.

Conte also talked about what they want for their creators in the coming future. He stated that they are focused on establishing exactly how they are going to make things more profitable and convenient for their creators.

They want to offer their creators a sustainable environment that would be recurring in nature and the creators will have no issues showing their ownership for the content.

He stated that for them, cryptocurrency technology is going to be the sector that will ensure that they have access to a sustainable environment. For now, they are evaluating all the options they can avail and innovate within the cryptocurrency sector.

It was just last month when Patreon made an announcement last week where it hinted that it was planning to launch a social token/breator coin.

With Patreon paying so much attention to the cryptocurrency sector, it is a matter of time that it will soon be making an announcement in the particular sector.