Owners of Ledger Receiving Chilling Threats after the Records Leak

The situation has become very alarming and of high-risk for the owners of the Ledge after the recent record leaks. According to the recent reports, the users of the Ledger have now started receiving emails containing threats from fraudsters and extortionists.

The above started happening when one of the hard wallet manufacturers reported that it had more than 20,000 of its customers’ records leaked as a result of the hack. The hacker(s) managed to gain access to the personal and private information of the ledger users. Later, the hacker released the records to the public, leaving the users vulnerable to external threats.

It has been revealed that there is one particular or more extortionist going with the names Denni Hornig and Darrin Burlew. Many Ledger users that had their personal information leaked due to the data breach have reported the names of these two characters. It has been confirmed by the users that these are the names of extortionists that are sending them threatening emails.

The data breach was carried out by a hacker or team of hackers back in June and July of 2020 when personal information of around 20,000 Ledger users was extracted and leaked to the public.

One of the Reddit users going by the name “Crypthomie” has also dropped shocking news about his father. Cryptome is a resident from the United Arab Emirates who was formerly a flight attendant. He revealed that his father was one of the victims that faced the breach back in 2020 and had his information leaked.

The Reddit user has informed the entire Reddit community that his father has received a message from the extortionists today. In the email, the extortionist has revealed that he is aware of the name, email address, and phone of his father. The email demanded his father to pay up 0.3 BTC or 10 ETH that would translate into around $11.21k.

The extortionists have threatened the user’s father that if he does not do what is asked of him then he will be facing physical violence. Crypthomie is a user who is not unfamiliar or unknown in the cryptocurrency world. The user had previously made it to the headlines when he ended up being unable to pay back a loan of $100,000 that he had taken to buy BTC back in 2017.

The Reddit user has announced that he is taking his father’s matter very seriously. He stated that the extortionist has made a huge mistake by threatening to go at his father if he does not pay them. He stated that these scammers are just trying to create fear in the hearts of the people whose information has been shared.

He said that they are just dropping emails to everyone with hopes that they just might get luck and someone would end up paying them what they want.

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