One of the Top Renewable Producers in the World Will Now Get into Crypto-Mining

One of the Top Renewable Producers in the World Will Now Get into Crypto-Mining

En+ Group has made an official announcement that it will be starting a new journey into the crypto-mining industry. The company has announced the journey will be a joint venture between its subsidiary company and a crypto-entity.

En+ Group is known worldwide for being the top low-carbon aluminum producer. Furthermore, it is considered the largest hydropower generator in the private sector.

En+ group announced that it has started its new venture, which it has named Bit+. The group confirmed that Bit+ will be collaborating with BitRiver to accomplish its mission in the crypto-mining sector.

BitRiver is popularly known for providing hosting services in the crypto-blockchain industry. On top of that, the firm is known for providing turnkey solutions for institutional crypto mining operations on a large-scale.

BitRiver currently operates the largest data center that it has dedicated to Bitcoin (BTC) colocation services. At present, the data center has been rented out to Russian Federation for Bitcoin (BTC) mining. BitRiver is known for providing the same kind of services to CIS neighbors as well as across Russia.

The joint venture between Bit+ & BitRiver will be focused on creating a new type of crypto-services. These services will be responsible for supporting cryptocurrency mining that would require a very low carbon footprint.

Without wasting any time, both companies have started working on the first project. To execute the first phase of the project, Bit+ has already started building a new facility next to BitRiver’s currently operational data-center.

The new venture of Bit+ will be located in Bratsk, which is in the region of Irkutsk, Russia. In the beginning, the En+ Group will be providing 10MW electricity to the Bit+ facility. The Bit+ facility has been installed with modular units that will be used for crypto-mining.

Both companies have plans to increase the quantity of the crypto-mining modular units that will increase their electricity capacity to 40MW.

At the start, the companies are planning to install 14 crypto-mining modular units. Each modular unit equals to the size of an entire delivery container, which is equal to a full-sized crypto-mining data center.

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