New Zealand to Receive a Proposal from Ebang for Setting up a Digital Financial Platform on their Soil

New Zealand to Receive a Proposal from Ebang for Setting up a Digital Financial Platform on their Soil

Ebang recently made an announcement of expanding its services outside of China. Ebang is one of the major companies in China, which is responsible for supplying equipment for Bitcoin (BTC) mining. The company stated that they have their eyes upon New Zealand where they would want to open up their local office. The office will act as a platform for the digital asset financial service in New Zealand.

As per sources, Ebang International Holdings has approached the New Zealand government with their intentions. The company approached the NZ government by writing a letter along with a tender letter expressing their interest. In the letter, Ebang has expressed that they are interested in acquiring 100% shares of an unnamed company in New Zealand.

However, it has been revealed that the unnamed company serves to be a wealth management service as well as a wholesale and generic financial brokerage.

The representatives from Ebang are yet to confirm whether the deal has been finalized or not. They did mention that the New Zealand government and the particular company are currently going through the Negotiation phase before they come to a conclusion.

The CEO of Ebang, Dong Hu, also made a comment towards their efforts in acquiring a local office in New Zealand. He stated that their company has gained so much success and experience in China with its state of the art blockchain technology and infrastructure.

Now, with the acquisition of local offices in Canada, Singapore, and hopefully, New Zealand, they will be able to expand their network. He added that their goal is to make the cryptocurrency platform an internet-based and a fully-licensed trading platform.

If they are able to achieve this, they will be able to provide users from around the globe with an innovative, professional, and convenient trading environment.

As far as the worldwide recognition of Ebang is considered, the company recently went public through the Nasdaq (index) in 2020. It aims to expand the crypto-world beyond the limitations by making it a fully-licensed entity.


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