NCapital Group Review – Understanding What to Expect

NCapital Group Review

One of the biggest inventions in the last decade what that of cryptocurrencies, which have taken the financial world by a storm and have brought about unprecedented changes. There was a time when people couldn’t even fathom the idea of digital currencies, but today, they are fast becoming the norm. However, what has caught the most attention is the capability of these digital assets to provide massive returns in a very short span of time, a feature that most people want to take advantage of. The market has expanded rather rapidly in the last ten years and Bitcoin has seen a lot of competition being introduced.

When you delve into this market today, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to what cryptocurrencies you want to trade. There are thousands of opportunities to explore and you can certainly fatten your investment portfolio and bank account if you play things right. This includes finding an authentic cryptocurrency broker to start your trading journey. Now, this is a challenge that often results in the collapse of many dreams because most traders end up choosing the wrong broker and have to give up on their ambitions due to heavy losses. 

Not every broker is equal in this market and you have to be cautious when you start searching for one. You have to consider your own priorities and then focus on what you need for crypto trading before you choose a brokerage. The market is brimming with options in light of the huge demand of cryptocurrencies, so you need to sort through them before you find the one that can be a good fit for you. Time and again, you will come across NCapital Group, a crypto CFD broker, which seems to be quite popular amongst the traders. 

Owned and operated by Expand Solutions Ltd, which is based in Seychelles, the broker doesn’t have much experience, but it appears that it knows what it is doing. Nonetheless, you cannot take anything at face value and should dig deep before you make up your mind about NCapital Group.

NCapital Group

What should you expect from this broker? Let’s find out:

No Contract for Registration 

The first thing you will come to know about NCapital Group is that the broker doesn’t require you to enter into a contract in order to register with them. New traders are often daunted by the prospect of signing up with a broker because of their complex and extensive requirements, but no such problems exist with this broker. Their registration is easy; one form on the website that needs to be filled out. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes because it needs only basic information like your name, phone number, country, email address, and password. As long as you are 18, you will be registered with the broker instantly. 

Extensive Crypto Index 

If you check out a couple of brokers that are offering their services in the market, you will notice that most of them are offering you a very limited number of cryptocurrencies. They have only added the top crypto in the market and have ignored the smaller, yet quite profitable, options that can also be explored. This can be frustrating for those who don’t have a massive amount to invest and would prefer to start with small options, along with those who want to diversify in the crypto market.

You can resolve these issues by opting for NCapital Group because their crypto index is quite extensive. Sure, the broker does let you trade the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they haven’t limited themselves to just these options. They have expanded further and you can find some lesser-known options like Litecoin, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, and NEM also available. 

Security and Privacy

The internet has become a stomping ground for criminals who are out to steal not just money, but identities that can be used for illegal activities. Therefore, it is not surprising that people have become quite conscious of their security and privacy when they are using an online service. Signing up with a brokerage means that you are putting yourself at risk and this can often make traders so nervous that they are unable to focus on their trading activities.

One way you can do it is by opting for a broker that doesn’t take your security and privacy lightly. NCapital Group certainly doesn’t and you can see it in the measures they have used to ensure protection. High-end encryption technology keeps your personal data safe from outsiders and segregated accounts with the leading banks can keep your funds intact. Policies like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) can also help in keeping criminals away. Likewise, the broker doesn’t rent or share your information with anyone without your consent.

Six Account Options 

It is true that brokers offer different account choices to their clients, but most don’t go past the three choices for beginner, intermediate and expert traders. Here you will find that NCapital Group has opted to be more diverse by adding six choices. Their goal is to ensure that their clients have no problem in finding an account that works for them. The Basic account is for complete novices while the Black account is for trading professionals. Beginners, intermediate traders, experts, and seasoned traders can all find other options, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The basic account asks for a minimum deposit of €1,000 while the Platinum account needs €250,000. Likewise, deposit requirements vary for other accounts. The Black account is only for VIPs and Professionals and comes with special requirements that you can find out by getting in touch with your account manager. Personalized trading strategies, exclusive position access, one-on-one training, and trading signals are just some of the unique features these accounts have to offer. 

Should you Sign Up? 

After you have looked at its features, you can determine that NCapital Group prioritizes its clients and can offer you a dependable trading platform to begin trading in the cryptocurrency market.

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