NBA Star Stephen Curry Asks for Crypto Advice on Twitter

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Crypto has slowly but surely entered the world of professional sports and has been making the waves for a long period of time. For several years, people have been enamored with athletes and the things they endorse and it happens to be the same with crypto. If you are a fan of sports as well as crypto, you will be well aware of the fact that a variety of leagues, championships, and tournaments have been quite open with their crypto-related endorsements for quite a while.

This is abundantly true when you look at sporting giants like the premier league, Italian Serie A, and the Ultimate Fighting championship having massive crypto-related endorsements. As you would expect, these sporting giants have lucrative contracts tied down where they stand to earn millions upon millions of dollars for years to come.

Recently, one of the biggest stars of the National Basketball Association, Stephen Curry made the waves on Twitter. While most of the time Stephen likes to talk about things related to basketball and other interest, this time he talked about crypto. As you would expect, people were taken by surprise, as no one was expecting Stephen Curry of all people to seek any sort of advice related to crypto.

That being said, Stephen is not the only athlete looking to step into the world of crypto. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of other people who have already joined the party long ago. One of these athletes happen to be none other than Tom Brady. Tom is arguably the biggest star that the history of football has to offer and his endorsement of crypto can only mean that the future is bright.

As a matter of fact, loads and loads of people have started making investments in crypto ever since hearing about Tom Brady and Stephen Curry’s active involvement in crypto. Stephen, who happens to be one of the best players in the history of Golden State Warriors posted a tweet earlier this week, asking his fans about getting started in the world of crypto.

To his surprise, he received thousands upon thousands of tweets, some of which were from fans, while others were from renowned people in the crypto world. Some of these people included Tom Brady himself, Michael Saylor, and Charles Hoskinson, who is the founder of Cardano. These replies increased Stephen’s interest in making crypto related investments, as he announced that he will soon come up with massive crypto related news.

With a star like Stephen showing interest in crypto, it goes without saying that thousands of people would be willing to enter the crypto bubble as well.