MPX, VDG, PITTYS, and more Cryptocurrencies among Highest Gainers in Past 24-hours

In today’s report provided by the CoinMarketCap for the highest gaining cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours, the crypto on top is Mars Space X (MPX). The data provided by CoinMarketCap shows that since yesterday, MPX’s price has surged by 150.17% from a figure of $0.002340. At the time of writing, MPX’s unit price is $0.003514 per MPX. On the other hand, MPX’s trading volume has experienced a 22.24% plunge, coming all the way down to $400,518.

The cryptocurrency that comes after Mars Space X is VeriDocGlobal (VDG). The data from CoinMarket shows that VDG’s price has surged by 127.87% in the past 24-hours. Prior to the surge, VDG’s price was at $0.001017, but after the surge, its price has reached $0.001301 per VDG. Compared to the price, VDG’s trading volume has surged by 10.07% in the past 24-hours, coming up to $498,738.

After VDG is Pittys (PITTYS) has experienced a 127.81% surge in its price since yesterday. At the time of writing, PITTYS’ price is at $0.002482, which was $0.001942 per PITTYS yesterday. Just like MPX, PITTYS’ price has experienced a dip that is worth 15.61%. After the dip, the trading volume for PITTYS is down to $246,870 in the past 24-hours.

Coming after PITTYS is CatBoy (CTB) that has experienced a 127.73% surge in its price in the past 24-hours. Following the surge, CTB’s price has reached a figure of $0.00002086 per CTB, which was around $0.0000091 per CTB 24-hours ago. As for the trading volume, CTB’s trading volume has skyrocketed all the way up to $450,419 after experiencing a 1356.34% surge.

The next cryptocurrency after CTB is Ginga Finance (GIN), which is currently at a price of $0.008178 per GIN. GIN has come all the way up to the particular price after experiencing a 117.72% surge in the past 24-hours. It was just 24-hours back when the trading volume for GIN was $2,562,742. After experiencing a surge, GIN’s trading volume has come all the way up to $3,439,200.

After Ginga Finance in the list is MeebitsDAO Pool (MBBT), which is now at a price of $75.99 per MBBT. MBBT has come all this way after experiencing a 110.30% surge in its price in the past 24-hours. Prior to the surge, the price of MBBT was around $34.10 per MBBT. Then it is the trading volume for MBBT that has surged by 1298.32% in the past 24-hours, bringing it all the way up to $1,826,858.

Then there are other cryptocurrencies such as ProximaX (XPX), Gonewild Token (GWG), Thors Mead (MEAD), and more that have performed really well in the past 24-hours. These cryptocurrencies are growing higher in terms of price and volume.