Morality (MO) Now Listed by Changelly

The Changelly platform has made another exciting announcement for the users of MO, which is a co-operative token for Morality. The firm has announced that it has added Morality (MO) to its list of assets that it is currently offering the users.

With the recent listing, Morality (MO) has become part of the family of more than 160 cryptocurrencies that are currently available on Changelly. The announcement was made by Changelly on the listing of Morality (MO) on February 10, 2021.

The Changelly platform announced that with immediate, the users on the Changelly platform would be able to start dealing in Morality (MO). They will be able to transfer their Morality (MO) tokens into the Changelly wallets. The users will also be able to swap other digital assets with MO as well as purchase MO from the exchange through fiat currencies.

Most importantly, the users will be able to swap the MO tokens with other digital assets at floating or fixed rates through the Changelly platform.

Morality (MO) exists as a native token for the Morality Network, which is a content rating system based on the blockchain network. Morality (MO) is one of the easiest and most feasible platforms for the users as it compensates for the online time.

Morality is a decentralized data co-operative that exists to rate digital publishers, allows users to keep full control over their profits/personal data, and preserves important information.

The platform also strives to give birth to a global Morality Index that facilitates digital publishers. Furthermore, the platform tends to reward those who participate in building the ecosystem.

The platform “Morality” states that its core human values include autonomy, privacy, and dignity. The co-op members at Morality strongly believe that the defined values should be provided with full protection in the digital age. In order to achieve this goal, the tech companies must come up with radical changes that would re-define the protection of these values.

The platform also goes on to define and explain its existence and its importance in the industry through its white paper. The white paper for the Morality platform can be found on its portal through morality. network.

One of the founding members of Morality, Hugo Evans also talked about the recent listing of its token on the Changelly platform. Evans stated that they are extremely excited and thrilled to have partnered with Changelly. He stated that the relation between Changelly and Morality is destined to go a long way and will not be limited to just listing.

Evans revealed that Morality is currently in the process of integrating the API service of Changelly into their platform. Once the integration is complete, the users will be able to exchange their MO on the Changelly platform with more than 160 cryptocurrencies.

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