Monafoli Review – Look beyond the Basics of Trading Online

A Crypto Borrowing and Lending Platform Reports That in Six Months the Firm has managed to double its Holdings

Monafoli Review

How many brokers have you seen offering you something new in terms of the online trading experience? For as long as I have researched these companies, I have only seen them offering the same thing with different names. At one point, I had reached the conclusion that these companies were all the same or maybe they were being run by the same person. My impression of the online trading industry changed when you looked at Monafoli. I will try to bring you some facts about this company through my Monafoli review.

I think companies like these should be visible more on the internet. The ones that make big yet hollow claims keep getting bigger and more popular. On the other hand, the companies that really deliver something new and bring a gust of fresh air into the online trading industry are not known as much. I think this trading platform is now getting some attention. Here are some thoughts about its best features that I think it has done differently from other competitors.

The Customer Service Channels

So, what do you see when you look at most of the online trading services providers? In most cases, you see that they provide you with a phone number and an email address. When you call the phone, you wait in queues for several minutes. When you send an email, you have to wait for ages before you get a reply. In the case of Monafoli, the company has provided you with multiple options that ensure you get in touch with someone as soon as possible. You can get live support from the company, which means you will get help from a representative right on the website.

Furthermore, you can even schedule a call back. Yes, that’s true. If you call the phone they never pick up, there is no reason to worry. You can use the call-back feature, which allows you to leave your number and time of availability with the company so they get back to you when it’s easy for you to talk.

Promotions, Incentives, and Perks

This is yet another area where I think you might not have seen any other company excelling. If you look at the online trading world, most companies try to stick with whatever has been working for them. They don’t realize that the needs of modern traders are changing rapidly. This means they are not happy with what brokers were entertaining their traders from decades ago with. Today, they need something new and the thing they love the most is a promotion. You will love that Monafoli provides you with lots of promotions and incentives.

Sign up with the company and you will qualify for a welcome bonus instantly. In addition to that, you will also be able to take advantage of the loyalty bonus, which you get when you keep trading with the company for a long time. Also, bring in your friends and get monetary rewards when they sign up with a paid trading account.

Social Trading and the Trading Tools

I usually tell traders that even social trading seems like a tool to me. So, when you trade socially, you are in a social environment, like you are when you are on your social media profile. Now, in this particular place, the people you look around you are trading experts. You can see their profiles to know how well or poorly they are performing right now. After that, you can make your pick and you can copy the trades of this trader. You can follow their lead and achieve your financial goals if you are successful with your trading strategy. You can use many other trading tools to make your trades safer and more profit-worthy.

Final Thoughts

I think this company does a great job of taking things beyond the basics, which the traders have been enjoying for many years. If you want something new that takes you to the new heights of trading, I think you should definitely try Monafoli.