Minecraft Game Gets Non-Fungible Tokens

No matter how big and enormous a video game grows, it can never match the potential and success of the sandbox game “Minecraft”. Now the fans of the Minecraft game have another big announcement coming their way. It has been revealed that the Minecraft game will have the non-fungible token (NFT) service integrated into it.

The announcement reveals that the players will be able to transfer the non-fungible tokens that are based on the blockchain network over to the Minecraft game.

According to the information the companies Enjin and Microsoft have collaborated in order to issue the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The tokens launched by the joint venture of the companies is compatible with the Minecraft game.

It has been revealed that these tokens have launched in order to celebrate the International Day of Girls and Women in Science.

When it comes to Minecraft, the game requires no introduction as it is one of the most played sandbox games in the entire world. Ever since its launch,             the creators of the game have received very high reception from the players and the game’s popularity has sky-rocketed.

According to figures, so far, more than 200 million copies of the game have been sold by the creators of the game. Despite being launched around 11 years ago, the sales for the game are continuing to increase. For almost a decade, the fans and the enthusiasts have kept the game going with their unique contributions.

There are many Minecraft enthusiasts and local developers that have developed and launched several mods for the game. There are many developers that have even launched mods into other games with the Minecraft version.

It has been announced that the platform has launched blockchain-based items that are for “champion women in technology and science. Moreover, the users with inclusive behavior will be able to acquire the Minecraft based non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Enjin platform also thanked the technology giant “Microsoft” for the recent partnership and collaboration. The firm has stated that together, both companies will get to advance and achieve new milestones in the software and blockchain technology sectors.

The vice president of communications and operations at Enjin, Bryana Kortendick also talked about the company’s recent initiative. As per her, education is the key to the success of any sector and it holds the highest amount of importance in any society.

In order for future generations to advance and gain exceptional success and go to new heights, education will be the medium that will help them achieve those goals.

She also added that Enjin is delighted and proud that it had the opportunity to work with Microsoft and share their knowledge with them. With the partnership, the firms will be able to introduce new technologies and innovations in the digital/virtual world.

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