Millionaire Clients will have access to Bitcoin Investments, Says Morgan Stanley

As per the latest reports, Morgan Stanley seems to have boarded the Bitcoin (BTC) train in a somewhat manner. According to inside sources, Morgan Stanley has recently issued internal memos to the financial advisors of the institution. In the memo, Morgan Stanley has stated that the clients would be able to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) but that would only happen if they meet certain conditions.

Morgan Stanley is known to be the institutional banking powerhouse holding up $4 trillion in client assets. The internal memo was issued by Morgan Stanley to the internal financial advisors on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

In the memo, Morgan Stanley revealed to its financial advisors that it was going to offer investment options in Bitcoin (BTC). The banking giant stated that the clients will have access to three different funds that they will be able to choose from in order to invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

In the memo, it was hinted by Morgan Stanley that the three Bitcoin (BTC) investment options would be launched and made available to clients in the month of April 2021.

In the past couple of years, especially since mid-2020, the interest in cryptocurrency investments has increased. There are many mainstream institutions that have adopted Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in this tenure.

All major institutions are now realizing the importance of adopting Bitcoin (BTC) and are investing in it as a long-term solution. Even the traditional financial institutions have now started making a shift to the Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency industry.

Since mid-2020, the entire financial industry has observed how companies such as Square, Tesla, and MicroStrategy have gone for the huge buys for Bitcoin (BTC). No matter the kind of reservations a company may have against Bitcoin (BTC), they are always keeping a close eye on its market value and demand.

The companies would never let their interests turn down the interests of their clients and users. If the users/clients demand a change and want to have an asset on board, then the company has to comply with it.

This is exactly what Morgan Stanley has done, because if it wouldn’t have done it, then it would see its clients leave the platform, looking for other solutions providing Bitcoin investment options.

Morgan Stanley has announced that the clients will be able to gain access to the Bitcoin (BTC) investment opportunities in three ways. The first way is going to be FS NYDIG Select Fund from FS Investments. The second fund is Institutional Bitcoin Fund LP, and the third fund is Bitcoin Fund LP by Galaxy Digital.

However, the investors would only be able to invest 2.5% of their overall wealth in Bitcoin (BTC). Clients must also have a status that would be “accredited investors”, and their capital at Morgan Stanley must be at least $2 million or higher.

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