MicroStrategy Makes Yet another Move Acquiring More Bitcoin (BTC)

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As per the latest reports, MicroStrategy has made yet another move in the cryptocurrency industry. As always, there is no other cryptocurrency MicroStrategy prefers when it comes to Bitcoin (BTC). This time as well, MicroStrategy has made it to the front page of the cryptocurrency sector through Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy, a business intelligence giant in the mainstream industry has also earned the title of being a corporate Bitcoin whale for its constant dip buys for Bitcoin.

This time again, MicroStrategy has proceeded with acquiring even more Bitcoin as the price for the digital asset continues experiencing a slight fall. The announcement in regards to the acquisition of more Bitcoin was made by MicroStrategy on Monday, September 13, 2021.

MicroStrategy has confirmed that it has again spent over a couple hundred million dollars for the acquisition of more Bitcoin. It was the proud CEO and Bitcoin proponent, Michael J. Saylor who broke the news on Monday with the entire crypto-community.

In the announcement, Saylor revealed that MicroStrategy has added yet another batch of Bitcoin to its balance sheet. According to his claims, MicroStrategy has just increased its Bitcoin holdings by acquiring 5,050 more BTC. The data shows that MicroStrategy has spent over $242.9 million for the acquisition of the new BTC batch. As per price estimates, on average, MicroStrategy has spent $48,099 per BTC to accumulate 5,050 Bitcoins.

This information has also been added to the filing that MicroStrategy has submitted at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. The filing was reportedly filed by the Bitcoin whale on Monday, September 13, 2021.

In the filing, the business intelligence giant has revealed the total number of BTCs it has acquired in the third quarter of 2021 so far. The report confirms that in the third quarter of 2021, the total number of Bitcoins acquired by the company are 8,957.

It was previously reported by MicroStrategy that between July 1st and August 23rd, it had acquired a total of 3,907 Bitcoin. At that time, MicroStrategy had revealed that it had spent around $177 million to acquire these many Bitcoin.

With its latest purchase of Bitcoin, MicroStrategy has increased its total Bitcoin holdings, bringing them all the way up to 114,042 BTC. According to figures, MicroStrategy has spent almost $3.16 billion for the acquisition of 114,042 BTC. At the time of writing, the total valuation of the company’s Bitcoin holdings is more than $5 billion.

With the latest purchase of Bitcoin, the average price incurred by the Bitcoin whale for the acquisition of these many Bitcoin has come down to $27,713 per BTC. This amount also includes the sundry expenses as well as the fees.