Miami Mayor is Open to Bitcoin (BTC) Investments

As the year is just two days away from ending, it is now time to find out how it has been for the cryptocurrency industry. In the running year, the cryptocurrency industry has made so much success that countries from all over the world are now shifting to crypto-blockchain technology.

Countries that have the biggest economies in the entire world have already started working on creating CBDCs. In the ranks of the economic giants, China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan are the countries that are making an enormous amount of developments in the crypto-space.

While the entire world is aiming to adopt the cryptocurrency industry, the United States is still very reluctant and hesitant. Over the course of time, the country has imposed/implemented very harsh and unacceptable conditions on the crypto-firms operating in the country.

It was back on December 18, 2020, when the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury proposed new law on cryptocurrencies. As soon as the regulation was proposed, it started receiving resistance from the entire cryptocurrency community from the United States.

As always, the regulations proposed by the American authorities showed their orientation towards the cryptocurrency industry.

However, among all the unfriendliness and cold behavior from the U.S. regulatory authorities, there is the Mayor of Miami who is turning out to be a welcoming personality towards the crypto-industry.

Recently, it was the mayor of Miami who expressed his interest in the cryptocurrency industry. He stated that he has been observing cryptocurrency activities for some time and has found it to be very profitable.

The Mayor ‘Francis Suarez’ also commended Winklevoss’s and Pompliano’s contribution to the cryptocurrency industry. The mayor shared his views about the crypto-industry through his Twitter account and was well-received by Winklevoss and Pompliano. Pompliano even responded to Suarez’s tweet stating that Miami may become the first crypto-city in the United States.

Following his recent tweets, the mayor has recently stated that he is complete with the idea of investing in Bitcoin (BTC). He stated that he likes the idea of investing 1% of the treasury reserves of the city for Bitcoin (BTC) investment.

Suarez actually responded to Pompliano’s tweet where he asked his followers to move to Miami if Suarez ever makes the city a hub for cryptocurrencies. That is when the mayor replied that he likes the idea of investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

In the Tweet, Pompliano also asked Suarez, if the Miami authorities were looking into the possibilities of allowing cryptocurrencies on their soil. To which the Miami Mayor stated that he is already in talks with the city authorities in regards to cryptocurrency adoption. He confirmed that 2021 will be the year when Miami city will become part of the cryptocurrency industry.

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