Matt Damon Debuts in a Crypto Commercial

Lead male Hollywood film star Matt Damon has made his debut-featuring in a crypto commercial for an online crypto trading platform called “Crypto.com” which has been directed by a well-known and award winning director, Wally Pfister. The commercial will be aired in as many as 20 states of the world. Damon stated that he wants to empower people by enabling them to utilize advanced tools which in return can equip them in controlling and shaping their futures and that Bitcoin.com is such a platform loaded with the needed tools.

“Fortune Favors the Brave”, is the tagline of a TV advertisement/commercial for crypto to be launched by Crypto.com. The advertisement has been directed by an acclaimed director who has also won the Oscar Award namely, Wally Pfister. While the advertisement has been exclusively produced by a renowned producer, David Fincher. But most importantly, the advertisement features lead male Hollywood film star, Matt Damon, who is debuting in a crypto commercial. The advertisement is intended to be launched simultaneously in 20 countries initially.

The disclosure of the advertisement featuring Matt Damon was made by Kris Marszalek, who is the CEO of Crypto.com.

Crypto.com is an online trading firm that facilitates crypto trading and services that include crypto custodial. It is one of the fastest expanding crypto trading platform garnering huge customers from around the world. Crypto.com has more than 10 million customers from almost every country/territory of the world. The customers of Crypto.com have been trading in more than 150 digital currencies. The firm also gives out its very own debit/credit cards powered by Visa. Against each spending via the card, the customers are refunded back 8% of the funds spent.

The advertisement reflects the aims and objectives of the firm. For instance, it is the motto of the firm that people are educated in the sense that they can change, alter and modify the course of history.

The company’s CEO posted several tweets in which he explained that the commercial is actually a tribute to Crypto.com’s customers. He said that it represents an open invitation to potential customers who want to ride along with Crypto.com into the future. Marszalek emphasized that crypto is much more than just trading. In fact it is more relatable to internet and helps to build internet’s future.

Damon, on the other hand, said that he always had a wish to empower people, particularly those who are powerless. He said that those days are over when fortunes were for only one segment of the society. The time has changed. Now there are tools which can be utilized by anyone, rich or poor, for controlling and shaping their futures. Damon advised that Crypto.com is that platform which has all such tools needed by someone to fulfill his or her dreams. So be brave as the fortune favors the bold only.