MarketSpots Review – An Online Trading Exchange Keeping Things Real

MarketSpots Review

By now you may have gone through a tremendous number of online trading exchanges to establish that majority of the exchanges offer similar services. This is because most of them are going with the same approach and are updating the same kind of content to attract investors. There was a time when online trading exchanges were true to their word but now, it is all about getting investors to make huge investments. On the other hand, MarketSpots goes with a different approach and instead of offering made-up stuff, it keeps things real. So let me talk about the exchange in my MarketSpots review and see how you think about it.

MarketSpots’ Compliance with Regulations Says it All

In order for an exchange to operate clean and remain transparent, it needs to be regulated and it must adhere to regulatory policies such as KYC & AML. Unfortunately, more than 90% of the exchanges are unregulated and prefer not to adhere to regulations at all. They do this because not adhering to regulations brings them huge investments that many people want to process unnoticed. Indirectly, such exchanges offer safe passage to perform money laundering and let corrupt politicians carry out their dirty acts. However, Marketspots keeps things professional, ethical, safe, and secure for investors by adhering to regulations and rejecting such activities.

List of Trading Instruments that MarketSpots Offers

MarketSpots provides investors an entire catalog of trading instruments that are the highest profiting and traded in the online trading markets. At present, the trading instruments offered by the exchange include cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. The investors can choose any trading instrument they think they would be able to handle and let the trading experts MarketSpots guide them throughout the journey.

List of General Services that MarketSpots Offers

Once an investor opens up an account at MarketSpots, they gain access to several services and benefits from the exchange regardless of the subscription. Some of the major services offered at MarketSpots include a customized education system, super tight spreads, access to webinars, and leverage trading. The trading accounts also offer services such as daily market review, margin loans, one-on-one trading training sessions, and so much more.

List of Trading Accounts MarketSpots has to Offer

Unlike other trading exchanges that pay no attention to the needs of investors and offer a single trading account, MarketSpots likes to do things its own way. The exchange offers five kinds of trading accounts that are Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro accounts. These accounts offer support and benefits to investors with different trading experiences and strategies in the trading markets. The trading accounts offered by MarketSpots start from basic level trading accounts and then going all the way up to expert level trading.

Trading Platform is Friendly and Top Notch

The trading platform offered by MarketSpots is top-notch, which offers a user-friendly trading interface. The trading platform is highly customizable and comes equipped with several tools to aid investors with their trading activities. Some of the services available through MarketSpots’ trading platform include daily trading signals, market reviews, news alerts, price alerts, and economic calendars. Additional services include advanced charting/reporting systems, historical reports, weekly trading webinars, and much more.

MarketSpots Offers Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Options

If an investor wants to make a deposit at MarketSpots, they have the option of doing so via MasterCard, Visa, or Bank Wire. The investors can make a minimum deposit of $1,000, €1,000, or £1,000 before they can start trading at the exchange. The users can also make a deposit through a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet.

As for withdrawals, the investors can choose the same options they choose for deposits. The minimum withdrawal requirement at MarketSpots is $50 and it can take up to 3-4 days for the money to be sent over to the investors’ desired account.

Customer Support Offered by MarketSpots is Remarkable

MarketSpots may not be able big as online trading exchanges that are currently ruling the online trading market. However, MarketSpots has a customer support team that is very reliable, supportive, and capable of dealing with customer queries in the most professional manner. At present, MarketSpots provides its support via email but it does it 24/7.

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