Japanese Chat App ‘Line’ States it Will Offer Crypto-Based-Rewards in the Form of Cashbacks for e-Pay Spending

One of the most prominent apps from Japan ‘Line’ has taken the crypto-integration to the next level. Line is considered to be one of the most prominent text applications in Japan since the beginning of the 21st century.

Just recently, the developing team from Line made an announcement that spread like a breeze of joy for its users and followers. The hard working team at Line announced that they are combining their link (LN) crypto-asset with their rewards program in the Line Point Club.

The developing team working on the project announced that they already launched the facility for the Line users. Following its launch, the users will be able to make use of Line Pay’s electronic payment service.

Furthermore, the users who perform purchases in the running month (November) would be reimbursed for the transactions in December.

One of the operators from Line also provided some more information around the services they are offering. The operator talked about the reimbursement of the percentage of amount when a Line Pay customer makes a transaction through one of its partner companies.

The operator confirmed that the customers will receive 1% discount immediately when they make a purchase through Line Pay’s partners. Some of the prominent partners of Line Pay are Uber Eats, Kappa Sushi, JINS Peach Aviation, Air Trip, and Trip.com.

On top of that, the customers would also receive 9% of the paid amount in the form of reimbursement. The amount will be reimbursed in the form of LINK Rewards. The customers can later convert the LINK Rewards into (LN), which is Link’s native crypto-asset.

The chat application ‘Line’ also has its own cryptocurrency exchange that is active and operational in Japan. The name of the crypto-exchange backed by Line is Bitmax where Line has its own crypto-asset (LN) listed.

The users with the Line application can access the Bitmax cyptocurrency exchange though its interface. The operator also confirmed that at present, the Line chat application has more than 81 million users from Japan. The operator stated that these 81+ million users are regular users of the Line chat application.

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