Jack Dorsey Further Endorses Bitcoin Sharing its Importance for Twitter’s Future

Twitter’s CEO Ready To Bet In The Favor For Bitcoin Against Any Internet-Native Currency

Since 2020, the cryptocurrency industry has blossomed more than any other industry in the entire world. No matter how much the mainstream and traditional financial institutions may deny it, but the cryptocurrency industry has played a huge role in keeping the global economy intact.

This is the reason why no matter how much such institutions may deny it, major influential personalities continue turning pro towards cryptocurrencies.

In the year 2020, one of the major personalities converting to pro-Bitcoin (BTC) was Michael J. Saylor. Michael J. Saylor is reportedly the founder and CEO of one of the major business intelligence firms in the entire world, MicroStrategy.

There was a time when Saylor spoke against Bitcoin, calling it a liability and an asset full of risks. However, the year 2020 showed the true potential of Bitcoin to the entire world, and the first major personality to convert was Saylor.

He became a pro-Bitcoin, speaking positively about Bitcoin and sharing his thoughts about how important Bitcoin was to the entire world. He went on to make personal investments worth around $100 million in Bitcoin and even convinced the board at MicroStrategy to invest in it.

Since then, MicroStrategy has invested over $2 billion in Bitcoin making double the profits in figures from Bitcoin investments.

Alongside Saylor is another major personality from the social media industry known as Jack Dorsey, who is the CEO and founder of Twitter. Ever since the advent of the cryptocurrency industry, Twitter has played a key role in the emergence and exposure of the cryptocurrency industry.

The majority of the cryptocurrency firms consider Twitter to be their primary source when it comes to communicating anything related to cryptocurrencies to followers/users.

With time, Jack Dorsey has also become a proponent of Bitcoin as he has started talking positively about it. He even showed the entire Twitter community that he had launched a node for Bitcoin through his own high-end laptop.

Just recently, Jack Dorsey has made a huge statement about Bitcoin that is bound to bring more attention and adoption towards Bitcoin.

In a Tweet, Dorsey talked about the significance of Bitcoin for the Twitter platform. He stated that Bitcoin has been and will be one of the key trends that would prove very beneficial for the future of Twitter.

At the second-quarter earnings call for Twitter, Dorsey said to the entire stakeholders and board members that Bitcoin is going to be the future of Twitter. It is going to play a huge role in the future of the social medial platform.

Bitcoin would prove to be an entity that would result in Twitter transforming its services and products for the users.

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