Italian Authorities Catch an Airport Technician Mining Ethereum Using Airport Computers

Just recently, the airport authorities at an Italian airport have made a shocking revelation. The authorities working at the Lamezia Terme International Airport from Italy stated that they caught a technician involved in mining Ethereum.

As per authorities, they have arrested a 41-year old technician, who was found in illegal activities related to cryptocurrencies. It is revealed that the technician was using the Italian airport computers to do Ethereum mining.

The postal police of Italy provided some more information related to the Ethereum mining suspect. They said that the suspect was in charge of maintaining the computerized infrastructure and framework at the Lamezia Terme airport.

The postal police also revealed that the suspect is an employee of Sacal Global Solutions. Sacal Global Solutions is the company that has been contracted by the Italian Airport Management. The company is responsible for maintaining the computer systems at the airport and keeps them risk-free from cyber-attacks.

The authorities stated that the suspect installed third-party malware into their IT infrastructure and used the computer systems to execute illegal Ethereum mining activities. By doing this, the suspect endangered the IT security system of the entire airport and made it vulnerable to outside cyber-attacks.

The authorities confirmed that they started monitoring the activities of the suspect when a red flag was raised. The red flag was raised by the Sacal technicians when they detected unusual activities in the network. Not taking any risks, the Sacal technicians reported this activity to the border police right away.

It has been confirmed that the Sacal technicians conducted a thorough investigation around the network anomalies. They reported the border police when they established anonymous IP addresses, which were related to the mining activities.

Once the border police were alerted, the airport authorities at the Italian airport started monitoring the suspect’s activities. The surveillance team started monitoring the suspect’s daily activities inside the airport facilities.

It was through cameras that the technician was caught red-handed being involved in Ethereum mining activities. The authorities are still going through investigation on the same matter to make sure that no evidence is left behind.

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