Indian Rapper Demands Performance Payment in Crypto

Raftaar, a famous Indian solo rapper, is due to perform in Canada but the artist has demanded payment to be made in crypto. He has officially become the first Indian performer to be paid in crypto. He has thanked Ankit Khanna, his manager, for convincing the host to pay in crypto.

There is no shortage of rappers in India, who though are inspired by famous American rappers, but have earned their own reputations. Raftaar is one of those emerging rappers of India whose fame is spread across the borders as well. “Raftaar” is his made-up name for the music industry otherwise “Dilin Nair” is his real name. He is not a rapper alone but also a very good dancer and writes lyrics and composes music on his own. Apart from rapping, he has appeared on various Indian television shows and delivered duties as the show host.

However, due to the Covid situation, the rapper was mostly confined to his house and hardly performed in any concerts. But the situation is still the same and apparently unchanged. International flights and borders are still closed and no one is allowed to go in and out from India currently. Yet, the rapper finally got an opportunity to perform for a virtual audience of Canada.

It was told that the rapper is due to perform in front of a selective live audience who will be attending the performance virtually. Approximately 100 participants will get the chance to see their favorite artist perform on his famous songs virtually. The venue of the performance has been told as Ottawa and the date will be scheduled in July’s week commencing on 12th July.

What is however interesting about this performance is that the rapper has demanded the organizers to pay his fee in crypto. For this purpose, Ankit Khanna, who is the manager of Raftaar was given the task to convince the organizers. It has been reported that the organizers have agreed to pay Raftaar in crypto. Nair has now become the first Indian performer who is going to be paid in digital currency.

While honorably accepting the title and thanking his manager, Raftaar stated that he is greatly moved by blockchain technology. It was one of his dire wishes that someday he’d be paid in crypto and the day has now come, said Raftaar. He further stated that his dream has come to life because of the efforts of his manager and great friend, Khanna.

He is now optimistic that from now on several other Indian artists and performers would follow his lead. Although he will be paid in crypto yet he had deliberately not disclosed in what particular digital asset he will be paid. He did not even give any hint whether it was going to be Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other coin.

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