In September, Microsoft Wants to Close Down Azure Blockchain, But Quietly

According to the latest reports, the Azure Blockchain Service is set to close down by September. The hint in regards to the shutting down of the Azure Blockchain comes from the tech giant, Microsoft. Microsoft is reportedly the company behind the creation and launch of the Azure Blockchain Service.

The report suggests that Microsoft will be closing down the blockchain service in question on September 10, 2021. Microsoft has informed all stakeholders and users of the blockchain of the next course of action once the blockchain shuts down.

According to the tech giant, no further developments, updates, or implementations will be applied to the Azure blockchain as soon as it shuts down. The most surprising part about Microsoft’s next course of action is that the tech giant has not provided any further explanation on the matter.

Microsoft is yet to make an official announcement as to why it has gone ahead with this move. It is hoped that Microsoft will soon share further information around the matter and clarify its decision, and stance on the matter.

Some of the major platforms currently using Azure Blockchain Service include Xbox, Starbucks, Singapore Airlines, GE Aviation, and JP Morgan. On the other hand, Azure Blockchain Service offers its services for many more but small businesses.

Although Microsoft has made the announcement around the closure of the blockchain, yet it has not made an all-out announcement on the matter. Instead of making it the top announcement, the giant did it through the Microsoft documentation site via a low-key post.

In the announcement, Microsoft advised all users of the closure and asked them to look for alternatives in order to migrate. However, Microsoft has suggested/recommended its users to migrate to the ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service. When the news of shutting down of Azure Blockchain reached Joseph Lubin, CEO, and founder at ConsenSys, he welcomed the Azure Blockchain community.

Lubin stated that by making the suggestion, Microsoft has not only given exposure to ConsenSys but it has also shared its trust for the protocol. This proves that Microsoft, which is one of the largest tech giants in the world, also trusts in the capabilities of the ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain.

Lubin welcomed the entire Azure Blockchain community and stated that the ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain would be honored to provide services to the Azure refugees. With this move, ConsenSys now has the opportunity to prove its skills and expertise, and show how it can make a difference for the Azure Blockchain users.

The ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain will try its best to provide Azure Blockchain users with the best support possible. The ConsenSys Blockchain will strive to provide the most efficient platform to the users and offer them easy deployments on the ConsenSys Blockchain.

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