Fans Can Now Buy Major League Baseball Tickets Using Dogecoin

Today, the entire world knows the reason behind the foundation of cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin (BTC) was launched, the people who took interest in it knew exactly what it was for. The users knew they were adopting a platform that decentralized in nature and would someday; bring a change to the entire world.

Although the majority of the investors disagreed with this claim and ignored Bitcoin (BTC), it has proven them all wrong. Bitcoin (BTC) has achieved exactly what it had promised its users and what it had aimed to overcome.

After the launch of Bitcoin (BTC), many more cryptocurrencies were launched in the crypto-verse. This phenomenon continued taking place until the total number of cryptocurrencies exceeded the 8,000 figure.

Every one of these cryptocurrencies is trailing Bitcoin (BTC) and other major cryptocurrencies. Their aim is to gain prominence, adoption, market capitalization, and price surge.

However, among all these cryptocurrencies, only one cryptocurrency was launched with a different kind of thought in mind.

Dogecoin (DOGE), which is currently among the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the entire world as per market capitalization was not destined to become what it has become today.

Even the creator of Dogecoin (DOGE) did not know that the digital asset would someday find itself ranked among the top 5 cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched back in 2013 as a meme-coin, which was just for the sake of entertainment.

It was the beginning of 2021 when the Dogecoin Army revealed the true potential of Dogecoin (DOGE). Since then, DOGE price has only surged and its market capitalization has to experience significant growth.

Ever since DOGE gained worth and adoption, companies from all over the world have started adopting it just like they have adopted BTC and ETH. This is the reason why more adoption keeps coming towards DOGE and more firms are adopting it as a mode of payment.

Just recently, the management for Oakland Athletics, part of the MLB, has made an announcement around DOGE adoption. They have revealed that the fans can now purchase tickets for the MLB games using Dogecoin (DOGE).

The management has announced that the ticket they are selling is for the matches between Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics that are to take place this month.

The sources have revealed that the fans can purchase pairs of tickets offered by the Oakland A’s by spending 100 DOGE. The window for purchasing the tickets is open between May 3 and May 6. Just to clarify, in normal cases, it would cost a fan $80, if they wanted to purchase two tickets for the same game.

However, if they decide to pay for the tickets using Dogecoin (DOGE), they will be able to avail a huge discount while purchasing the tickets.

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