EZDSK Review – Is There Space for Experienced Traders on This Broker’s Platform?

EZDSK Review

If you read online reviews, you will notice that they focus a lot on new traders and their requirements. However, it does not mean that experienced traders have to be completely ignored. Also, it does not mean that experienced traders are not considering a career in cryptocurrency trading. In fact, more and more experienced traders have now realized that they should have some stakes in cryptocurrencies as well. Now, if you are someone who has been trading for many years, is there a broker that can cater to your specific needs? I can recommend EZDSK here. Let me tell you about its features so you can know for yourself what I am talking about.

EZDSK for Experienced Traders

The Advanced Trading Accounts

I bring your attention to the trading accounts before anything else. If you want to know whether the broker has its platform for you or not, you should look into the trading accounts. If you see that there are accounts that meet your specific needs, you should definitely consider signing up with the broker. When it comes to EZDSK, I can tell you with a guaranty that this broker has designed its advanced accounts for traders like you. I think the most suitable trading accounts for you will be Gold, Platinum, and Black.

You have an account manager to help you with your account related queries when you sign up with any of these accounts. The most important thing is that the broker has made the account manager available to you for six months with the gold account. If you go with the black account, the account manager will be there for you forever.

Crypto Trading Signals

The broker fully understands the online trading world and hence has provided you with crypto trading signals. As an experienced trader, you already know the importance of signals in trading. These signals are there to tell you whether you should buy the asset you are looking at or sell it. Well, your decisions will be easy when you have the trading signals right on your trading platform. You don’t even have to sign up with the broke to see the trading signals from it. Of course, the most professional and reliable signals are made available to you when you sign up with a paid account.

You have PIA SMS signals available to you only when you sign up with the platinum or black account. So, you see you will get all the help that you need as a trader in the form of advanced and technical analytical methods.

source: https://www.ezdsk.com/ | EZDSK
source: https://www.ezdsk.com/ | EZDSK

A Trading Platform for All Your Needs

Just because you have been trading for many years does not mean you are completely disconnected from the modern world. Almost all the new traders now use smartphones and tablets. They want the trading platform to fit into their modern lifestyles. And that’s what EZDSK has done great here. The broker has provided you with a trading platform that you can use the way you want. If you have already switched to mobile devices, the trading platform will run on your devices with ease.

If you still prefer trading the old-school way i.e. sitting in front of a computer, you can do that with ease too because the trading platform is there on your computer device as well. You will access it through your browser so no compatibility issues will stop you from trading on the software.

Advanced Training Courses

Many traders are under the impression that only new traders need education. For that reason, they think that the training material from the broker will only be suited for those traders. However, I am telling you from my personal experience that you can find a lot of advanced training material with online brokers as well. This training material is supposed to help you learn the most advanced techniques and strategies of trading. With this course, you are able to trade in the market even if it seems to traders that the market conditions are not the best.

You can learn advanced trading the way you like. The broker has made sure that there is an ebook to help you. In addition to that, you will also find a course specifically addressing and teaching you advanced trading strategies. You can polish your trading skills further through these courses.

Diversification of Portfolio

As an experienced trader, the most important thing to your trading career is the portfolio. You are maintaining a portfolio that shows which assets you have been trading, what your success rate has been, and a lot of other important details about you. Diversification is all about adding more and unique assets to your portfolio. You want to trade these assets not to prove to the world that you know a lot about trading. Instead, you want your risk to be distributed across a variety of assets. This means you won’t lose all your investments if the only asset that you have invested in goes down in the market.

When you invest in a variety of assets, you get to benefit from another asset when you are losing one. While you are only trading cryptocurrencies with this broker, you will be glad to know that you have many different digital coins that you can trade. Sign up with the broker and you will have access to Dash Coin, Ripple, and Litecoin in addition to the big cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. So, if you wish to diversify your portfolio, I urge you to trade different crypto assets, and not just Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

So, at this point, the picture should be clear in your mind that this broker is just as much about you as it is about new traders. Yes, a lot of its features have been designed for new traders, but experienced traders have not been deserted. From an advanced trading platform to flexible trading conditions, you will like a lot about this broker when you sign up with it. However, that’s for you to decide whether you want to sign up with EZDSK or some other broker.

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