Eth2 Staking Service for Rocket Pool is Gaining Huge Growth

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It was just recently when Rock Pool went ahead and launched the ETH2 staking service for the users. It was quite remarkable to witness that the Rocket Pool recorded that its cap set for stage two was hit and crossed within a matter of 45-seconds. This information was shared by Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Allnodes’ co-founder, the hosting partner of Rocket Pool.

Further information shared on the launch of the staking service reveals that Rocket Pool registered a significant number of node operators. According to reports, a total of 237 node operators were registered on the Rocket Pool’s staking service.

The platform has managed to register these many node operators in a matter of two days of its launch. The report has revealed that the node operators are spread out in a total of 42 locations throughout the world. As a result, the total number of ETH staked in the first two days was 1088.

The platform has also revealed that at the time of writing, there are a total of 4000 ETH that have been recorded on the pool’s Total Value Locked (TVL). At the time of writing, the 4000 ETH figure translates to $13.9 million. The figure also includes Rocket Pool (RPL) tokens that are also the collateral to the TVL ETH.

The teams working at Rocket Pool have shared what goal they wish to achieve in the due course. According to Rocket Pool, they want to make their staking pool infrastructure the primary one on the Ethereum network. They are aiming to introduce a staking infrastructure that offers easy to use staking network and decentralization to businesses and individuals alike.

The team has announced that it will continue rolling out its staking service globally. The firm has decided that the rolling out of the staking service will be completed in a four weeks’ time period. The first rollout stage for the staking service took place on November 9, 2021.

The firm recorded that after the launch, the limits for the protocol were maxed out right away. Then the stage two launch for the staking service took place on November 10. Surprisingly, the slots for the mini pool for the node operator were maxed out in less than a minute.

The firm has revealed that the deposit limit for the pool for stage two was set to 480 ETH. However, the limit was hit at the 45th second of the second stage being launched. At the time of writing, the 480 ETH figure translates to $2.3 million.

Initially, the Rocket Pool was set to launch back in October of 6, but it ended up getting postponed. The team revealed that while running the necessary checks on the network, they established that there were some potential vulnerabilities with it.