Dapper to Launch Top Shot for NFL, Aaron Jones Joins FTX

It seems that NFL and crypto has accepted each other from the bottom of their hearts. The recent integration between NFL and various crypto outlets is producing more and more attractive initiatives for the future. The reports have speculated that Dapper has emerged as the second largest source to offer revenue from digital licensing for the NFL Player’s association.

As of this writing, Dapper has offered to launch tokenized NFL collectibles. Dapper which has previously created platforms such as NBA Top Shot and one of the most famous crypto derivative exchange FTX both are integrating with the U.S National Football League. This recent partnership is the plan of Dapper’s global expansion strategy.

In most recent developments it has appeared that Dapper is working on an NFL collectibles marketplace. However, FTX has signed an advocacy deal with star running back Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers.

The timings of this deal are vital. The deal just comes a week after the firm announced it recent plan to launch a fundraising round of $250 million. The vision behind this new strategic venture is go beyond the NFT sector.  All these plans and strategies are part of the Dapper’s global expansion.

As of this writing, the Sports Business Journal sources, have claimed that the new crypto based NFL marketplace would be launched before the 2022 NFL season.  The NFL and NFL Players association will hold the major equity chunk in Dapper. As the part of the deal NFL will introduce Dapper into the NFL.

However, the nitty-gritties of the deal are kept confidential. But sources have already claimed that this recent deal between Dapper and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) makes the Dapper the NFLPA’s second-largest source of digital licensing revenue. Dapper will emerge second only to the “Madden,” a video game series from EA Sports.

On the other hands experts do believe that this deal might be the result of NFL’s reported decision to bar all the teams from the sponsorship deals with crypto and NFT firms, until the leagues come up with the plan to deal with sponsorship offers from the crypto companies.

However, it is an interesting fact that many NFL players are crypto prone and openly support the crypto trading. For instance, Tom Brady recently launched Autograph NFT marketplace. Another renowned NFL player Trevor Lawrence signed endorsement deal with Blockfolio. In the same way, Saquon Barkley converted his sponsorship money with into BTC.

Moreover, FTX has announced that Aaron Jones being included in the FTX’s ambassador’s team as the result of the long sponsorship deal with Packers’. As of this writing it seems that crypto has deep stake into the NFL.