Cryptocurrencies Gain Traction for Real Estate Business

Cypherpunk Holdings Invests in NGRAVE

As the cryptocurrency industry continues more exposure among the mainstream and retail sectors, it is becoming more common for investors. With time, the cryptocurrency industry is finding itself being picked up by several sectors from around the world.

In the year 2021, the sector that has observed a lot of potential in adopting the cryptocurrency industry is real estate. As the cryptocurrency market is constantly moving towards high trends and tremendous growth, crypto-investors are becoming more interested in real estate.

Just recently, a survey was conducted by the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). The survey conducted by the NYDIG was an eye-opener for the government of the United States. The survey revealed that a total of 46 million people in the entire United States actually own Bitcoin (BTC). This meant that almost 22% of the adults in the United States are exposed to Bitcoin and have invested in it.

However, some of the investors that have invested in Bitcoin, have also shared their concerns while holding Bitcoin. They have stated that they do have the same concerns in mind that the regulatory authorities, as well as major institutions, have in mind.

These concerns include the volatile nature of the assets, their custody, and most importantly, their security. However, the investors showing their concerns with some of the factors around the cryptocurrency industry are still optimistic about the industry.

Despite the concerns, the investors are still willing to invest more in cryptocurrencies whenever given the opportunity. According to investors, almost every investment industry has the same kind of situation. The risk factor is always involved, no matter the investment industry or category a person may go with.

Another major firm was known as the Nickel Digital Asset Management also conducted a survey among the asset management firms and institutional investors from Europe and the United States. The particular firm is a regulated investment manager that is based in Europe. The firm claims that its services and analysis are dedicated to cryptocurrencies and their markets.

The firm revealed that the survey it conducted among the wealth managers and the institutional investors comprises a tremendous number of assets. The data reveals that the firms where the asset manager collected the data from have more than $275 billion worth of assets under their management.

The survey conducted by Nickel Digital Asset Management has revealed that 76% of the investors that have invested through these firms have concerns over the security of the funds. They are concerned whether the assets they have invested in are safe and secure or not.

Then there are 71% of investors who think that the cryptocurrency industry is largely held back by the involvement of the regulatory authorities.

When it comes to comparing cryptocurrencies to any other investment product, the investors compare it with real estate. There are many real estate firms from around the world that are adopting cryptocurrencies for payments of properties and real estate.

There are even crypto realtor platforms that are offering real estate on their websites that the customers can buy in cryptocurrencies. One major firm is known as The Crypto Realty Group. The firm is known for real estate in transactions processed through cryptocurrencies.

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