Bybit Cryto Trading Platform Partners with Borussia Dortmund

Bybit Cryto Trading Platform Partners with Borussia Dortmund

One of the top soccer clubs in Germany, Borussia Dortmund, which is widely known as BVB, has recently struck a multi-year partnership with a crypto trading platform called ByBit. Other than mutual brand outreach, not many details have been provided about the nature of this partnership and what it would entail for the two. The chief executive of ByBit, Ben Zhou did come forward to make a statement about this partnership. He said that it was a well-known fact that BVB is one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world. He claimed that Borussia Dortmund’s fanbase is the seventh-largest one globally. 

According to the CEO, their partnership with the soccer team would enable ByBit to increase its global reach and branding. This will become possible because BVB’s social media profiles and websites will now feature ByBit’s logos and slogans. As a matter of fact, they will also be visible in the club’s soccer matches as well, giving the crypto trading platform maximum outreach. ByBit will get its first taste of logo and slogan outreach thanks to an upcoming match of the team, which is quite high-profile. The match will take BVB against Bayern Munich, as the two clubs will be battling it out for the first spot in the Bundesliga. 

It is worth noting that Bayern Munich has also made some moves within the blockchain space, as the club hosted blockchain-based merchandise for helping them in boosting their fan engagement. Hence, it is now becoming the norm to see popular and renowned soccer clubs making ventures in the constantly growing and expanding crypto space. This is done in one of several ways, such as offering alternatively tokenized digital collectibles, a fan token offering or by offering a framework of fantasy soccer based on the blockchain. Zhou stated that they were hoping of introducing a fan token in the near future, but said that specific details were still being discussed.

The only thing that the CEO could discuss in regard to the matter was the unsuccessful attempt that had been made in August by Liquiditeam and BVB. However, Zhou stating that ByBit was focused on making it happen. No matter how this partnership between ByBit and BVB turns out, there is no doubt that non-fungible tokens have proven themselves to be quite competitive. They can be used for creating gaming perks, such as digital collectibles, for fans of numerous global sports.

As a matter of fact, these non-fungible tokens are one of the various innovations that have been made within the blockchain industry over the years. The sports and crypto industries coming together for partnerships is now becoming a standard of practice rather quickly. Clubs that are spread across the UK, France, Spain, Russia, Italy and Japan have all taken part is this growing trend. They have either struck up sponsorship deals or even business partnerships with a number of blockchain companies, whether it is for brand awareness and outreach or for the development of their own tokens.

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