Browser-Native Cryptocurrency Wallet Reportedly Launched by Brave

As the cryptocurrency industry continues growing bigger, a number of companies and firms in the crypto-sector have been increasing their exposure to cryptocurrencies. Among these cryptocurrency firms is Brave that has been constantly exploring more into the cryptocurrency industry.

Brave has gained a tremendous amount of popularity being the developer of a browser that is privacy-oriented. The browsing platform has been growing more inside the cryptocurrency sector, gathering more knowledge, and information in the sector.

Brave has been introducing a lot of innovation in the cryptocurrency sector and wants to ensure its users are provided with complete privacy. This time, Brave has managed to create a lot of excitement among its users and the cryptocurrency community with the launch of a new wallet.

Brave developers have announced that they are introducing a new wallet that is going to be much safer and privacy-oriented than its former wallet. Initially, the cryptocurrency wallet introduced by Brave was extension-based.

However, Brave has announced that it is going to fully replace its extension-based wallet with a much safer wallet. The new wallet is going to be based on the Brave browser. The development team has announced that the new wallet is going to be a native wallet for the Brave browser.

It was on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, when the development team behind Brave talked about the browser-native wallet. They announced that it is going to be a Brave Wallet that they are working on and will be introducing very soon.

The team working on the project has announced that the new cryptocurrency wallet is going to provide users with self-custody. The wallet will be built into the browser powered by Brave. Through the wallet, the users will have the opportunity to not only store their cryptocurrencies but also do more than that. The users of the wallet will also be able to purchase cryptocurrencies through the wallet.

The chief technology officer and the co-founder at Brave, Brian Bondy talked about the introduction of the new wallet. Bondy stated that previously, they had the browser wallet extension that was powered by MetaMask and could be added to the browser as an extension. It was accessed through the Crypto Wallets fork name.

The chief training officer at Brave has revealed that they have developed the new wallet from scratch. This means that they have all the services, features, and tools that their customers had demanded in abundance.

The users will not be required to download the extension of the wallet onto their browser. The wallet is going to be built as a native entity on the Brave Browser. The wallet will be different from MetaMask’s Web 3.0 wallets.