Brave’s BAT Token Receives Support of The Splinterlands Crypto Game

Brave’s BAT Token Receives Support of The Splinterlands Crypto Game

The privacy-focused and crypto-friendly web browser, Brave has made an announcement about its new partnership. The company said that they have struck a partnership with a competitive card game known as the Splinterlands, which is based on blockchain technology. The two parties will now be collaborating on both marketing initiatives and integration across their own respective products. Brave will also become the official web browser for Splinterlands, as part of the partnership, and both of the developers have made plans for developing content that would explicitly highlight the benefits of the browser. Thus, it would recommend the players to play the web-based game on the Brave browser.

In turn, Brave will be advertising the game on its platform, but the ads will only be visible to users who have chosen to see ads on their browser. Along with this, it will also be possible for users to make use of the built-in digital wallet for purchasing credits in the game as well. Furthermore, the game will also go ahead with integrating Brave’s flagship crypto, known as the Basic Attention Token (BAT). These coins are usually given to all those users who agree to view ads from Brave when they are browsing the internet via the Brave browser. 

Any earned BAT can now be used by Splinterlands players for purchasing game credits. They will be able to spend these credits on buying booster packs or cards from players within the market. With more than 19 million monthly active users, 2020 has become the year of growth for the Brave web browser. The company had disclosed in June this year that its total monthly active users had reached a milestone of 15 million. This marked a significant rise in the number of users, which had been reported to be 10 million back in December 2019. 

The primary appeal of the Brave web browser is that it is capable of automatically blocking advertisements and tracking, which attracts people who are privacy-conscious. However, Brave does give its users the option of opting in for advertisements shown by the web browser itself, and doing so helps them in earning the BAT token. It appears that this year has proven to be quite productive for the web browser. It signed partnerships with major companies, such as Gemini and Binance. Even the infamous podcast star, Joe Rogan is a user of this browser. 

Brave’s Android version was ranked as the top-rated web browser by Google Play Store. As far as Splinterlands is concerned, it is one of the noteworthy collectible card games found on the blockchain. Its premise is essentially Magic: The Gathering, and Hearthstone, digital and physical hits alike. Some of the game’s competitors include names like Gods Unchained and SkyWeaver. As far as the digital cards of the game are concerned, they are basically non-fungible tokens, which are quite scarce. Hence, players can trade and sell these tokens to each other. The partnership is certainly an interesting one for the two and can result in a lot of exposure.

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