Bitkraftt Has Announced Collaboration with Delphi

A Crypto Borrowing and Lending Platform Reports That in Six Months the Firm has managed to double its Holdings

According to the latest reports, Bitkraftt Ventures has partnered and joined forces with Delphi Digital, which is a prominent research firm for cryptocurrencies. Bitkraftt Ventures is a venture capital fund that is focused on the gaming sector. Bitkraftt Ventures has revealed that with their collaboration, both firms will be introducing new projects in the gaming sector.

The companies have announced that with their partnership, they will be introducing great developments and improvements in the gaming sector. Their aim is to make sure that the gaming industry based on blockchain technology can become more adaptable for the users.

Bitkraftt Ventures made the announcement around their recent partnership on Thursday, April 29. Bitkraftt Ventures has revealed that the focus of their partnership would be to introduce advancements in the blockchain sector.

They will focus their resources, investments, and skills to improve the blockchain sector and the firms starting their journey in the sector. Bitkraftt Ventures is already reportedly investing its resources and expertise in sectors such as economics and assets.

Bitkraftt is an asset-managing firm that was founded back in 2015. As of now, Bitkraftt has more than $400 million worth of assets under its management. The company is also very popular to have made several investments in different companies.

A thorough look into the company’s investment shows that it has made investments in more than 50 companies. Some of the major companies it has invested in include Fuze TV, BitFry, and Epic Games.

In August 2020, Bitkraft had revealed that it had carried out a successful fundraiser. The officials confirmed that the company was able to generate $165 million from the funding round. This means that several companies from the crypto-industry and mainstream sector are interested to collaborate with Bitkraft.

Bitkraft had also confirmed that with the raised funds, it intended to expedite the development of projects in the e-sports and e-gaming sector. The company is now set to try and venture through another industry and hopes to bring in the same results.

Ever since its foundation, the company has been involved in several development projects. The company has introduced several advancements in the economics and assets sector and is now ready to cover the blockchain sector.

As for Delphi Digital, the firm was founded back in 2018 and is a prominent research firm to meet the institutional requirements. The firm mainly focuses its resources and expertise on digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Both companies have gained a tremendous amount of experience in their respective fields and technologies. They now aim to bring advancements to sectors such as crypto asset class, crypto technology, digital entertainment, e-sports, and gaming.

The executives and decision-makers from both companies are very excited about their recent collaboration. They are confident that with their combined efforts, they will help the crypto-blockchain sector climb even higher.

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