Bitcoin Exists to be the Most Environment-Friendly Financial Asset, Claimed BTC Miner

Ever since the cryptocurrency industry came into being, the current that has managed enormous adoption and price is Bitcoin (BTC). When it was first launched, people used to think that it was just a waste of time.

The digital asset had no worth or value in the starting years of the currency. After almost 8 years of being released, it was the first time for BTC to shine in 2017. That is when the cryptocurrency industry as a whole goes exposed to global investors.

However, as the prices of BTC plunged from 19k per BTC down to $4k per BTC, the investors went back to their primary investment circles.

From this point onwards, the journey of Bitcoin (BTC) and its gradual growth into the cryptocurrency market began. For the next 2 years, Bitcoin (BTC) remained stagnant but then in 2020, its prices started to go up. Towards the end of the year 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) managed to hit its all-time high since 2017.

Since then, all the way until now, Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing a mass surge with respect to its price, demand, and market capitalization.

As BTC continues to set new records and history with every passing day, there are some pundits who are still opposing the very existence of cryptocurrencies.

There are now some pundits opposing Bitcoin (BTC) as their common practice but have made a strong allegation against the platform. They have alleged that the process of mining Bitcoin (BTC) requires a lot of energy consumption.

They are claiming that Bitcoin (BTC) is extremely bad for the entire environment. Because in order to mine Bitcoin (BTC), a firm needs to have an enormous number of mining rigs that contact graphics cards. Unfortunately, running a graphics card is not as easy as it may be perceived.

Each graphics card utilizes a lot of electricity in order to run and when mining BTC, an enormous number of graphics cards are required to perform the task.

As per stats, the total amount of energy being consumed to mine Bitcoin (BTC) all around the world can help power an entire small-time country.

However, the proponents of Bitcoin (BTC) have also started jumping in and they are trying to save the reputation of BTC as much as they can.

One of the representatives from the crypto-world supporting BTC, Bixen, stated that it would be completely wrong to perceive BTC as a negative entity.

The BTC supporter quoted the statement released by one of the climate activists, who stated that Bitcoin (BTC) mining has caused no such damage or change to the world climate.

Therefore, it is completely bogus to call Bitcoin (BTC) an asset that is currently posing a threat to the global climate.

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