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Bitcoin Bill to Be Presented by Paraguay Lawmakers

As per the latest report, Fernando Silva Facetti and Carlitos Rejala have made an announcement that is going to make the entire cryptocurrency industry very happy. Silva Facetti, a Paraguayan Senator, and Carlitos Rejala, Paraguayan Congressman have made an announcement regarding a bill on cryptocurrencies.

Both federal representatives have revealed that they are currently working on a Bitcoin (BTC) bill. They are planning to present the new bill around the status of Bitcoin (BTC) at the Paraguayan Congress. Facetti and Rejala have revealed that they are planning to present the new bill at Congress on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

In the bill, they will be urging lawmakers in Paraguay to come up with a strategy around the utility of Bitcoin. They will be stressing the urgency of coming up with a plan/strategy for the adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets in the country.

Rejala even talked about the bill proposal through his Twitter profile. Through his Twitter profile, he communicated to all his followers and the Paraguay public about his mission. In his tweet, Rejala stated that he alongside Facetti is trying their best to make one thing happen, which is to unite Paraguay.

While talking to his followers through Twitter on Friday, July 9, he stated that he and Facetti are both working on a big plan. It is something that is going to make the entire population of Paraguay very happy. He stated that it is going to be a surprise for the entire world as well.

Although the followers wanted to know more, Rejala did not provide many details around the bill as to exactly what it pertained to initially. Although the majority of the lawmakers in Paraguay are not up for the idea of adopting cryptocurrencies, some of them are. This means that they are okay with Rejala and Facetti taking the lead for making Bitcoin a legal entity in the country.

For now, it seems that Paraguay wants to follow the same track El Salvador has followed and give Bitcoin (BTC) a legal tender in the country. Rejala and Facetti have appeared to be the members who are trying their best to make that happen.

Although Rejala has presented the bill just recently, it was already in his mind for some time. He had already talked about a new project that would involve digital assets back on June 6. At that time, he informed his 50,000 followers on Twitter that the new project would be connected with a new project.

The project would bring a lot of innovation for Paraguay and for the first time in history, the world would see Paraguay’s new face. The new project is very important for the innovation sector in Paraguay and would be making use of the digital assets in the country.

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