Bank of Russia Heavily Criticized by Oleg Deripaska

As the power of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow in Russia, even the industrialists and billionaires in Russia are talking about the industry. Whether it is a negative talk or a positive, the people in Russia with strong influence are talking about cryptocurrencies.

This time, it is Oleg Deripaska, an industrial tycoon from Russia that has talked about cryptocurrencies in a positive manner. While talking about cryptocurrencies, he also talked about the central bank of Russia and its recent actions in the crypto-space.

Oleg Deripaska is one of the personalities in Russia that have a sense of technology and its future utility. This is the reason he has talked about the Russians dealing with Bitcoin (BTC). He stated that the cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing in the country and is set to reach new heights.

However, he criticized how the central bank of Russia has introduced strict regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies. Since January 2021, the Russian Government plus the regulatory authorities have implemented several rulings in terms of cryptocurrencies.

Even the officials of the government have had cryptocurrency regulations imposed onto them. While the public in Russia is allowed to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies, Russian officials are strictly prohibited from doing that.

They have been strictly instructed not to invest in cryptocurrencies as it would be breach of the regulatory infrastructure.

Deripaska blasted the Russian central bank on Thursday, June 17, through his official Telegram channel. He criticized how the central bank of Russia has been pressurizing and prohibiting the citizens of the country from investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

He stressed how other countries have started adopting cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC). He included El Salvador in his example, talking about how the country has unanimously decided to give Bitcoin (BTC) and another crypto a legal status.

He stated that with the passage of time, even countries with some of the strictest and harshest policies against unrecognized assets have started adopting cryptocurrencies.

Many countries are now shifting from opposing cryptocurrencies to becoming pro in terms of their adoption. Even the United States is now changing its viewpoint around cryptocurrencies as it is constantly widening the circle around them. This means that the United States is now giving cryptocurrencies more ground to operate and expand.

Deripaska strongly criticized the Russian central bank for showing not a commitment at all in introducing cryptocurrencies, let alone do any developments. He stated that the digital ruble is not the complete solution for Russia’s economic boost. The central bank needs to let other digital assets get involved in the country’s economy and financial system for foreign trade settlements.

Many expect that Deripaska’s recent statement against the Russian central bank involving crypto would act as a wake-up call for them. Deripaska is one of the richest as well as influential people in Russia with strong political ties.

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