AscendEX Enlisted another Digital Asset on its Platform

Formerly known as BitMax, AscendEX continues its streak of enlisting new and promising digital assets on its platform. AscendEX is popularly known as one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies and digital asset trading platforms. The trading veterans and experts from Wall Street reportedly founded the firm.

Ever since its launch, the platform has enlisted several digital assets and cryptocurrencies on its platform. The platform is still bringing in more assets on its platform to gain more exposure for itself as well as for the particular assets.

Recently, AscendEX has announced the enlistment of a new digital asset called Crowny Token (CRWNY). The firm has reportedly enlisted the digital asset on its platform on April 21, 2021, at 01:00 pm UTC.

The project Crowny has given birth to a new sector within the crypto-verse as it has aligned digital assets and blockchain with the world of online advertising.

With the help of the Crowny platform, brands from all over the world would be able to create their advertisements and share them through the Crowny platform.

There, the users on the Crowny platform will view the advertisements and listen to what the brands have to say to them. The users will be able to use Crowny platform through a smartphone application. They will have the option of choosing their favorite and preferred brands.

The best feature about the application is that it is decentralized so the users will not be required to share their personal details. This way, the users will have peace of mind while browsing through the services and utilities on the platform. They do not have to worry about having their personal or financial information breached by third parties.

With so much going on through the social media platforms and a lot of competition, the brands are not able to reach out to their fans and customers. Therefore, the brands have started experiencing a downward trend with respect to their product demands and sales.

However, Crowny comes equipped with the right features, services, and utilities that the brands can use to interact with their customers. The brands can also use the platform to launch and advertise the new products they would like the customers to know about.

Furthermore, the advertisements would serve to be a source of monetary gains even for the users. The users will receive tokens in the form of rewards for viewing the advertisements of their favorite brands.

The firm states that it is the rewarding system that would serve as the source of attraction for the users on the Crowny platform.

Some of the major features offered by Crowny are the CRWNY tokens and the loyalty program they have in place for their tenured clients and users.

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