AscendEX Announces Listing of JulSwap on its Platform

According to the latest reports, AscendEX has made a huge announcement for the entire cryptocurrency. The news has proven to be more exciting for the entire JulSwap community. AscendEX has announced that it has recently listed JulSwap on its platform.

AscendEX is an industry-leading trading platform that deals in cryptocurrency and digital assets. The users are able to use the trading platform in order to carry out the sales, purchase, and trades for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

AscendEX was previously known BitMax, which reportedly changed its name to meet the global technological advancement in the crypto-blockchain industry. The platform has been founded by the members of trading veterans who once belonged to the analytical and trading teams at Wall Street.

AscendEX has announced that for now, JulSwap has been launched alongside the other asset USDT. As of now, the users will be able to trade in JulSwap through AscendEX through the pair “USDT/JUL”. AscendEX confirmed that the particular pair was listed and it went live on the AscendEX platform on April 16, 2021, at 01:00 pm UTC.

JulSwap exists as a decentralized exchange that is community-centric. The protocol aims to provide cryptocurrency projects in conducting liquidity mining, organizing staking pools, and raise liquidity by conducting initial digital offerings (IDOs).

The decentralized exchange does it in the most decentralized way and the projects can use all the features and services provided by the exchange through JULD tokens.

Unlike the majority of the decentralized platforms, JulSwap has provided the majority of the governance over to the JULD holders. The mechanism works in such a way that the users holding the JULD tokens are able to vote for the governance.

In this mechanism, the developers first propose introduce a new feature, service, or different products. Then the JULD holders on the exchange have the authority to vote on the proposal with their JULD tokens. If the majority of the votes go in favor of the proposal, then the service is introduced, otherwise it is dropped.

This mechanism ensures that the platform gets to keep its sanctity as a decentralized protocol. Moreover, the mechanism provides team members at JulSwap to focus and exert their resources, and skills to introduce more products to the platform.

The teams also do not have to be part of all the discussions, reasoning, arguments, and debates before a new service, feature, or utility is introduced into the protocol.

Over the course of time, many analysts have stated that the services offered by JulSwap are somewhat similar to that of Uniswap. However, JulSwap is known for providing a huge list of products and services to the users, and projects.

Some of the major products that JulSwap offers include JulSwap fee participation, debit card staking, staking for external project tokens, and staking in special pools for rewards.

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