Argo Blockchain Manages to Become First Cryptocurrency to Release Climate Strategy

As the threat of climate change continues to stare people and companies in the face, many businesses are trying to become more climate positive. Various companies have made an effort to become more environmentally friendly. And one of the first companies in the crypto market to embrace climate positivity was Argo Blockchain.

Argo Blockchain is the global leader in sustainable crypto mining and Blockchain infrastructure. They announced that they were the first crypto-mining company to eradicate Greenhouse Gas emissions of scope one, two, and three from their operations. By becoming climate positive, Argo is setting an example for other companies to follow.

By being climate positive, they are trying to become carbon neutral by addressing their Greenhouse emissions. They will also be going further in their effort to mitigate emissions by supporting programs out of Argo. Argo has been especially keen on their impact on the climate, which is why they came up with their own climate strategy. And by becoming climate positive, they have managed to reach a major keystone in their strategy.

Their strategy also includes an effort to become more energy-efficient, using wasted heat by working with the local municipalities, and reducing e-waste. It also includes making the industry itself more sustainable with sustainability standards and working on capturing carbon. To say that their strategy is ambitious would be an understatement.

Argo Blockchain’s Chief Executive, Peter Wall, gave his thoughts on the announcement. He said that he was incredibly proud of the initiatives that the company had taken to play its part in making a better and more sustainable earth. He further mentioned that the company will be working very hard to encourage companies both in and out of the industry to play their part. They will also be making their climate strategy public in hopes that companies will give their input on the matter and try to improve it.

Argo Blockchain began on the principles of climate improvement and an emphasis on sustainability in the market. Their core belief is that, with the help of crypto mining, they can bring innovation into renewable power solutions. All in all, they are working very hard to reduce GHG emissions throughout the industry.

They are also part of the Climate Neutral Now Initiative by the UNFCCC, where they will be gaining even more ground in the effort to make the world more sustainable. By participating in the program, Argo will voluntarily measure and report their yearly emissions. Furthermore, they will also be making reducing their emissions every year to achieve complete Climate Neutrality by the year 2050.

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