Argentina’s Law Agencies Arrests Prime Suspects Of Crypto-Scam Scheme Called Onecoin

At least twelve men were pointed out of operating the Onecoin crypto scam scheme in Argentina. Eight out of twelve had been arrested while the rest still at large.

It had been informed by a local news agency in Argentina that the Complex Crimes Branch of the Public Prosecutor Office had arrested few persons. It was informed that at least 12 persons had been arrested lately on the accusations of operating crypto Ponzi schemes called Onecoin. Out of these 12 persons, 8 are alleged to be the main culprits who were behind the operations of the Ponzi scheme.

Further details suggested that the arrests were made in Cardoba on Thursday, 10th December, 2020. It was informed that the purported scheme was a project hailed from Bulgaria. But as the project extended to other countries it became a worldwide known crypto scam. It was further found out that frauds committed under this scheme were the biggest scams in the history of crypto. According to an estimate, at least US$ 4 billion had been lost by victims through this crypto Ponzi scheme.

In Argentina, it was informed that Complex Crime Branch had conducted several raids in the city. However, it was only on Thursday, that the culprits were caught and commendable evidence was also seized from their custody.

One of the arrested culprits was a famous radio jockey and seasoned journalist, Edgar Moreno. It was alleged that Moreno was the one who started the Onecoin Ponzi crypto scheme in Argentina. In other co-accused, the founder of Onecoin, Ruja Ignatova, was also named in the complaint as prime suspect. But Ignatova along with another accomplice which had helped in Onecoin’s operations in Argentina are still at large.

It was a few months back, when a complaint lodged a complaint against Onecoin’s operators with the Local Police. The complainant told the police that he was enticed by operators to invest a huge sum of money. Upon their insistence he invested US$ 70,000 but neither his investment doubled nor was he allowed to withdraw his investment. However, it was later revealed to the complainant that there was no such scheme existed. He was made a fool and all the money he had invested, was at the whim and fancy of the fraudsters, he told.

However, throughout the world, law enforcement agencies had been carrying out crackdown operations against operators of Onecoin. Hundreds and thousands of culprits who were allegedly operating the crypto Ponzi scheme were arrested. Even in Mexico, a news report emerged which suggested that they found dead two alleged operators of Onecoin.

Hollywood also decided to produce a movie on Onecoin in which Kate Winslet will be playing the lead female role. But surprisingly in many parts of the world Onecoin scheme is still operating and people are losing their investment.

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