An Email Service Company is Hodling Bitcoin (BTC) Despite the Dip

According to the recent reports, ProtonMail has made a promising announcement that is aimed at boosting the morale of the Bitcoin (BTC) community. Ever since the start of the last week, the Bitcoin (BTC) market alongside other cryptocurrencies has been experiencing a downfall.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been experiencing a dip and it ended up falling from $64k per BTC all the way down to $34k per BTC. There are many speculations in regards to Bitcoin’s price, claiming that it would end up below $30k per BTC in the coming days.

ProtonMail has announced that that it has no plans of leaving the side of Bitcoin (BTC). Despite all the ambiguities and concerns, ProtonMail has all the intentions of supporting Bitcoin (BTC) no matter the situation.

Although ProtonMail is currently experiencing a plunge and an all-time low for the running year. ProtonMail, an email service focused on privacy has announced it is going to support Bitcoin (BTC) through the hard times.

The emailing service revealed its intentions of holding on to Bitcoin (BTC) back on Friday, May 21, through its Twitter account. The company confirmed that it currently has a very high number of Bitcoins under its possession. With such a significant number of Bitcoin (BTC), ProtonMail will ensure that it remains independent.

The company stated on the Twitter platform that ProtonMail has always practiced diversification. Therefore, the company has always invested in assets outside the circle of the traditional financial systems. Although its primary asset handling entities are the traditional financial banks, yet it is willing to give Bitcoin (BTC) the second holding position.

With this claim, ProtonMail has proven that it follows in the footsteps of companies such as MicroStrategy. MicroStrategy is a business intelligence giant that has spent more than $2 billion in cryptocurrencies. Ever since August of 2020, MicroStrategy has been responsible for creating many ripples in the cryptocurrency market.

In the year 2020, MicroStrategy earned the title for being the highest Bitcoin (BTC) investing mainstream institution in the entire world. The company reportedly spent $1.125 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) only in the year 2020.

The company has continued with the same practice in the year 2021, as it has continued acquiring Bitcoin (BTC) throughout the months in 2021. MicroStrategy has reportedly acquired $1.25 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in the running month.

ProtonMail has revealed that it had been accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a mode of payment on its platforms for acquiring services. It revealed that ever since 2017, it had continued holding on to all the Bitcoin (BTC) it has received for providing its services.

On top of that, ProtonMail has confirmed that it is also accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for donations from people willing to accept it.

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