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Amazon Goes Ahead Defusing the Pro-Bitcoin Build Up

It was just a few days back when it was announced that Amazon is planning to integrate Bitcoin (BTC) on its platform. It was reported that Amazon was going to allow users to pay for services and products with the help of a new payment method. It was rumored that the new payment method was none other than the largest cryptocurrency asset in the entire crypto-verse, Bitcoin.

Although the news ended up creating a lot of hype in the cryptocurrency industry and even helped Bitcoin gain a price surge. Amazon was quick to react to such rumors and has diffused the situation before it could get too far.

On July 28, 2021, Amazon has released an official statement where it has refuted such rumors. The officials from Amazon have completely denied the rumors pertaining to Amazon adopting Bitcoin as a payment method.

According to the Amazon spokesperson, the e-commerce giant currently has no such plans for adopting Bitcoin. There has not been any decision made whatsoever to adopt Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. If that is to happen, the first thing it is going to do is develop an infrastructure, which would make it easier for them to adopt Bitcoin or altcoins.

If that happens, then the firm is going to make an official announcement before it does. It is not part of their strategy to keep such pieces of information hidden. If Amazon ever decides to adopt Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it would make an official announcement so the users become aware of Amazon’s activities.

The spokesperson did clarify that Amazon is more than just interested to explore and know more about the cryptocurrency industry. However, it does not have any plans to adopt any of the cryptocurrencies for now.

He clarified that for now, there is no interest in Amazon adopting cryptocurrencies in any way. Therefore, the customers and investors should not take the rumors seriously and stay in touch with Amazon in order to acquire original and authentic information around Amazon.

For now, Amazon is exploring the cryptocurrency industry to know exactly what kind of innovation they need to introduce in the sector. They are aiming to bring the best services for their customers, which is why it is going through all the options within the crypto-space.

The reason why the rumor caught so much public attention was that Amazon had also posted vacancies for candidates with experience in the crypto-blockchain verse.

After the reports of Amazon looking to hire leads for the crypto-blockchain sector, an anonymous person broke the news after four days that Amazon was going to launch Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin has gone ahead and defused the situation before it could spark any more public interest and affect Amazon’s stock performance.

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